In response to online exclusive Do Not Visit Tahoe/Truckee

No Profit at Public Health’s Expense

We have a very successful @airbnb “mother-in-law” unit that we have blocked out as we don’t want anyone else coming into our neighborhood from elsewhere. And while that makes it harder for me to pay my mortgage … it’s the right thing to do in these times. And yet there is another STR across the street through which other renters are coming and going all week. This concerns me. Profit should not come at the expense of public health. Thanks for the story @moonshineink. #dontvisittruckee

~ Jeremiah Schwartz, Truckee, via Instagram

Good Deeds During Hard Times

Most of the time people make jokes or unpleasant remarks about lawyers. But I was moved to tears this week by the generosity of my lawyers’ team. Due to the coronavirus and the consequent shut down of my place of work (I am a full time massage therapist in Truckee), I was forced to make the difficult call to companies that I owed money, to ask them to allow me to delay or reduce my payments since I am out of work for an unspecified time. One such company is my lawyer[s] Michael Graham [and Rich Molsby], at MOBO law firm. Mr. Graham had recently rewritten our will and trust. If you have ever completed a will you will know it is not inexpensive. We set up a payment plan, and we were nearing paying it off.


When MOBO law firm heard of our financial difficulty during this coronavirus quarantine, instead of postponing my payments they FORGAVE the remaining balance due. WHAT LAW TEAM DOES THIS??

I will tell you who! A LOCAL law team that loves and cares about its community members and individuals like me. Not every debt can be forgiven or erased. But every act of kindness will NEVER be forgotten.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

~ Norma Jean Bowers, Truckee, via letter

In response to online exclusive Short-Term Rentals Must Close

Respect the STR Mandate

I would hope that they would not need to dedicate staff to enforce this mandate. I hope people are honest and responsible enough to realize there is a very important reason this decision was made and respect the mandate.

Temporary housing for medical staff treating COVID patients is an alternative use for those spaces that could be really beneficial during this period. I have heard of such situations where solitary housing was offered at a discounted rate or for free to nurses and doctors in order to decrease exposure for their family members or roommates.

~ Katie Kuber, via Instagram

In response to The Cunning Coyote

One can feel Eve’s love of nature in her writing.

~ Annie Hoffman, via Facebook

In response to Tahoe/Truckee Coronavirus Live Updates and our online coronavirus coverage

The Newspaper Nextdoor

Keep the free flow of info coming, so grateful to have you in our community. It feels like some #truckee community leaders want to keep things quiet, afraid of being human and lacks transparenc[y] even before this virus. So you are extra needed!

~ @CIOscarr, via Twitter

In response to online exclusive California Calls for School Closures Rest of 2019/20; TTUSD Follows Suit a Day Later

TTUSD Was Too Quick to Close Schools

Completely ridiculous decision. We have less than 10k cases in a state with 40 million people. We have no idea how many cases there will be in 30 days. What are we gonna hide in our living rooms til every last case is resolved?

~ Chris Edwards,
Carnelian Bay, via Instagram

All Hands On Deck to Save the Ink

Already sustaining and paying for an additional subscription, but geeze … Sure want [the] Ink to survive this … somehow. All hands on deck I figure. Btw, [the] Ink was fundamentally helpful in deciding to purchase a home there and all the issues you so thoughtfully cover help us to feel a part of the community whether we are there are not, which we aren’t currently. Again, thanks for all you do.

~ Jack Detling, via letter


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