Night owl or early bird? No shadow or only shadows? Unaged whiskey or a nice Diet Coke? This month’s question was up to the discretion of the responder. Most people gravitated toward a daytime/nighttime vibe for interpreting our open-ended question, and we can’t really blame them. With the sun comes warmth; the moon, mystery. The contrast inspired our respondents to wax poetic, if you will.

You don’t care about our preference (*), though, you care about the folks of Tahoe! We went out searching in the sun to ask this very important question of people. The verdict? Well, it’s not as clear as a sunny day but you’ll find solace in the light of the moon.

*If you do care, our preference is some moonshine on a sunshine-y day.



Workaway, Redlight Historic Bunk Hotel and Speakeasy

My first reaction is to go with moonshine because [July 16] was the full moon and we hiked up Mount Judah and it was like sunshine but at night. It was really cool.


Owner, Zaffle Decorative Painting & Design Studio

Sunshine because I’m usually more awake when the sun’s out. But also moonshine because it’s great when it shines on the river. I like getting up in the middle of the night and it’s all bright outside from the moon. So both of them, I guess.


Volunteer, Redlight Historic Bunk Hotel and Speakeasy

For sure moonshine. I’m kind of obsessed with the sky and moon and the planets. The sunshine is cool, but at night, you can see very clearly what you have up to you, that you are not the only person in the world, and there’s more … out there. It’s also romantic. You can do more under moonshine than sunshine.

DOUG SEALE, Truckee for the season/North Wales, UK

Facilities engineer, Shaffer’s High Sierra Camp

Sunshine, because it sounds hot.


Owner, Paddle Me SUP, Closet Cowgirl

Sunshine, obviously. Water, SUP, surf, yoga, love, and energy.



  • Alex Hoeft

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