Do Tell: Summertime, the Good and Bad


In Tahoe/Truckee, there is always such a huge contrast between winter and summer. Many of us moved here because we enjoy good, long, and hopefully cold powdery winters. But summertime, with its warm weather, lakes and rivers to swim in, and trails to roam, can be a favorite season, too.

This month’s question is: What do you look forward to the most about summer, and what do you like least about the season?




Mathew Golling, Tahoe Vista
Kings Beach Library    

Having the windows open. Letting the winds blow across me while I bike. Putting the windows down while driving around the lake and getting fresh air. I also look forward to playing weekly RPG [role-playing games] outside in the Beer Belly Brewing Co. backyard. What I least like is the heat.

Alan Talansky, Tahoe Donner
Retired boat captain

I like to swim, I like to boat, I like to spend time with my dog, and this is dog country. I like the smell of the air! What I least like is the pollen, unless there is smoke!

Ashley Belline, Tahoe Donner
Foster Program Manager, TTHS     

Backpacking, feet on the trails for days at a time, and sleeping in the woods. I like laying out and soaking in the sun at the Truckee River or Donner Lake, but mostly just sleeping in the woods. What I least like is the people, the overcrowding that happens up here, so I go hide in the woods.

Mark Stacpoole, Sierra Meadows
Retired from Safeway   

I like the sun, sitting in the sun, and being warm. I like lawn care and barbecues. I also like cool beverages. I look forward to golfing in the summertime. I least like nothing. Just look — it’s heaven.

Julian Lecorps, Glenshire
North Tahoe Fire Department   

I look forward to warm days on the rivers and cool evenings rock climbing up on the summit. What I least like is the summer crowds and traffic.


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