Readers Reflection | June 2024


In response to Artists, Teachers, and Moms Who Rock in the May print edition.

Music Teacher Rules

Brittany Rose is the raddest music and chorus teacher. My daughter has been so lucky to have your instruction and musical guidance!

~ Lauren Rasmussen Sintay, Truckee, via Facebook


Rockstar Women

They are amazing women in our community and awesome musicians!

~ Michele McCarthy Smith, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to Good News for Local Real Estate Market in the June print edition.

Misleading Headline

This headline is a bit misleading. So, the STR [short term rental regulations in Truckee] is having its intended effect yet prices are increasing? If that’s the case, what was the intent of the STR laws? I thought we were trying to make housing affordable for locals.

~ Justin Stout, Truckee, via Facebook

In Response to Intimidation or Inclusion, Which Do You Choose? in the May print edition.

Pulling a Fast One

How are you and your two friends considered a “family?” Sounds ridiculous to me and that you were trying to pull one over on the gym. Your membership(s) should have been single memberships. Very confused why you applied as a “family” in the first place, then complain when they didn’t honor it. Geezus, people these days are painful.

~ Cheyenne Riester, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to Shine On cartoon The Signs of Spring in the May print edition.

E-bikes Are Dangerous

Can’t even tell you the amount of times they’ve surprised me by darting out in front of my car wearing all black outfits in the dark, not obeying red lights, etc. We grew up in the ’80s doing dumb things and not all of us made it. I won’t be surprised at all if I hear news of someone getting hurt.

~ Gaia Torjanowski, Truckee, via Facebook

Why Use a Car?

Blows me away people using 5,000 lbs of steel at 18 mpg to transport one lazy human getting all bent out of shape about kids riding e-bikes. Someone in this scenario is the problem. Get on your own bike and stop hitting e-bikes.

~ Aaron Breitbard, Truckee, via Facebook


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