In response to McClintock Town Hall

Directly Unrepresented

During what was described as a “Town Hall Meeting,” I received a phone call inviting me to join in a conference call with Representative Tom McClintock of California’s 4th District. Thinking it was for all constituents, I agreed to participate and ask a question. I was listed as caller #10. I had experienced these calls before, but always gave up after a half hour of not being called.

This time I committed to wait my turn. About a half hour into it, a woman came on my line and asked [me to state my question.] I said, “Representative, do you still believe ‘the big lie’ that President Biden is not the legitimately elected president?”


I waited and waited as the conference turned into conversations between McClintock and an adoring group of sycophants who offered only supportive comments, condemned Democrats, Biden, and socialists. They blamed wildfires on the environmentalists, the cost of living on “illegals,” and climate issues on the high price of gasoline. (??) McClintock believes Sweden is the only country that knows how to handle Covid (Sweden has a Covid death rate 10 times that of its Nordic neighbors); that inflation is overtaking us (while inflation is expected to reach 3.2% this quarter, experts think this is based primarily on temporary supply issues and they anticipate less than 2.3% in 2022); and also that California is facing “mass migration” (growth rate has slowed, but the number of Californians is still increasing).

My 10th place in line came and went. McClintock never gave me a chance to speak; he took at least 20 calls. It wasn’t a conference and this isn’t representative democracy, it is a sham. After an hour, he thanked everyone for their input and hung up.

~ Mary Hart Thompson, Truckee, via letter

In response to A Hall of Mirrors, a developing story, online only

Real Journalism

Thanks to Moonshine Ink for fairly and accurately covering a difficult and tragic story. This is what real journalism is about and Moonshine, as a locally owned and operated news source, can always be counted on to cover the stories that need to be told in our community, [rather than] filling most of their pages with press releases and calling them news like other so-called news organizations in our community that are owned by corporate outsiders.

~ Katherine Hill, Tahoe Vista, via Facebook

Justice for Tiff

I think filming someone during sex without their consent is a form of sexual assault. If the law treats it as a misdemeanor of minimal importance, then the law should change.

~ Judy Zach, Glenshire, via Facebook

In response to a personal health crisis

To Hell and Back

This is the story about what happened to me Aug. 21 to Aug. 31, 10 days in the hospital. I came back to Tahoma late afternoon on Aug. 21 after a pharmacy trip to Truckee. When I returned home, I was overcome with something that attacked my body.

It came from nowhere, and the pain was the most horrific and terrible pain I have ever had in my life. I couldn’t move my shoulders, [my] wrists were immobile, [and] the pain was indefiable from the inside out. My phone was only a foot or two away and I could not reach it. I was finally able to use a tool from the fireplace to move it closer [and call for help. After waiting in the ER for hours], about 6 or 7 a.m. I was transported to a room upstairs where the testing began immediately. The doctors and nurses were mystified and had never seen this before! Night after night I lay helpless in bed in incredible pain. My nurses were diligent and rarely left my side for days and nights. On Saturday the 21st I had two surgeries on my right shoulder, two on my left, and another on my wrist (inside was a buildup of pus). They thought it might be gout or some type of devilish arthritis or a blood infection. My physical therapists [walked] me in a walker back and forth in a hallway for a couple of days, and I was finally able to partially walk with the walker. Sunday morning of the 29th, I was mysteriously able to walk across my room with no walker, unsure of why [and] I couldn’t tell anybody [at first] because I couldn’t trust it. Finally on Monday the 30th, I was up and running. Today is Friday, Sept. 3 and I am able to walk without assistance.

Whatever happened to me was real and lifechanging. I don’t know if this was a divine recovery from the heavens or a medical miracle. My doctors and staff don’t know either. All the folks at the Tahoe Forest Hospital were awesome; they worked really hard to fix me. I would like to thank my two main doctors, Scott Ritchie and Jonathan Hagen, as well as all the nurses and staff that pulled together for me.

~ Jeffrey Hackett, Tahoma, via letter


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