Readers Reflect | November 2023


In response to Not Your Mama’s School Bus in the October print edition.

Good Work

Way to go! Love this!

~ Amy Lapp, Olympic Valley, via Instagram


Stay Curious

Awesome idea! No one has the right to stifle our curiosity.

~ Deb Wright, South Lake Tahoe, via Facebook

Youth Power

Love this Banned Book Bus and the young people waking up to the fact their rights can be taken away by those who feel they can dictate over their every move. Stand up for all your freedoms to choose what is right for you in your life. Thank you, Tahoe Expedition Academy, for encouraging free thinkers.

~ Diane Verwoest, South Lake Tahoe, via Facebook

In response to the Shine On cartoon New Donner Fishing Regs for Fall in the October print edition.

Where Rich Go to Play

That’s how it is starting to feel. Disneyland for the rich.

~ Judy Crum, Kings Beach, via Facebook

In response to an Oct. 14 Instagram post following up on Truckee’s Tottering Mail Delivery in the November 2022 print edition.

Stay Local

Buy local. Order less from the internet and reduce the burden on the post office.

~ Pass It On Thrift, Tahoe City, via Instagram

In response to Yes, Tahoe Has a Tourism Problem in the October print edition.

Congestion Fee Needed

Thanks for the article and trying to present balanced tourism that supports a strong community. Two things: 1) Look into the 777 plan, it is not and will not come to fruition. A cordon congestion pricing system like New York City is the only real solution; 2) the article doesn’t take into account the significant day visitation from the growth in Reno/Carson. This distinct visitor type doesn’t support the local economy as much as the overnight visitors but creates significant traffic.

~ Danielle Hughes, Carnelian Bay, via Facebook

Quality vs. Quantity

The quality of tourists is an even bigger problem than the quantity of tourists.

~ Mark Beuerle, Tahoe City, via Instagram

Money Talks

Nothing will change! I watched the Placer board meeting today and it’s all about the mighty dollar! They don’t care and TRPA is along for the ride with them. It’s too late now …
all words and no action. That is the solution they produce. Sad.

~ Brian Summer, Kings Beach, via Instagram

In response to Christin Hanna and LTDC: Teaching Girls to Soar in the October print edition.

Boys Dance Too

Great story, except for your headline, Teaching Girls to Soar. Even though the photo showed two male dancers, it’s the same old bias: ballet is for girls. This implies it’s not for boys, and definitely not for “masculine” boys. What a shame.

~ Michele Hart-Rico, Los Angeles, via email


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