In response to Tahoe Monopoly version news brief

Roll Three Times

Go to jail is working at the Ritz-Carlton.

~ Spencer Jaeckel, Truckee, via Instagram


In response to Secret Mountain Laboratory

The Good Times

Thank you, Fleen [& Moonshine Ink], for a terrific story. K-SMELLY ushered in good times & great music!

~ James Kimball Glace, Truckee, via Facebook

Back in the Day

A good buddy of mine was a roommate of Todd Tolces at 610 Midiron in Kings Beach. We went to a screening of Greaser’s Palace put on by the Secret Mountain Cinema in a little room upstairs at the Crystal Bay Club.

~ Rutiger Heh, Southern California, via Facebook

In response to Honor Scotty Lapp by Helping to Build a Skateboard Park in Tahoe City

A Longer List

Aren’t we still trying to build the Rocker park? All for both, but let’s get on it peeps.

~ Teresa Sanford, Truckee, via Facebook

Follow the Money

Tahoe City PUD owns so much property. Kids need a place of their own to skateboard. Many local communities have skate parks, it’s about time for Tahoe City to provide the youth with one.

Many years ago in the ‘90s, the local kids had many fundraisers to build a skate park; it never happened. Tahoe City parks and recreation held those funds.

What happened to that money? Let’s honor Scotty Lapp with a skate park.

~ Marilyn Yates Henriques, Tahoe City, via Facebook

In response to Localizing the Russia Ukraine War, Moonshine enews

The Wars, Invasions Before

How is it that we never localized Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Palestine wars and invasions? All the sanctions which are killing people all over and all of sudden we want to localize the Ukraine war? Is it the blue eyes, blond vs. black/brown eyes, black/brown hair phenomenon? We certainly are giving the Ukrainians more than enough weapons to kill Russians, neither of which resolves the issues of poverty, hunger, and homelessness in Truckee and the U.S.

~ Parvin Darabi, Truckee, letter


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