Readers Reflect | March 2024


In Response to From Europe, With Love in the February print edition.

The good old days

When the Pfeifer House closed, it was like a part of the good old days closing yet another door. We loved the bar atmosphere, the food, the family feeling, and of course Ute, Franz, and Kirk! It was a cozy place to come in out of the snow. We’d enjoy their infamous latkes and a delicious adult beverage at the bar. Who can forget that secret room behind the bar? The floor opened up and down the stairs you went. It will always remain a very special place in my heart.

~ Susan Joy Rouse, Alpine Meadows, via Facebook


In response to the Palisades Tahoe Ski Patrollers Unionize published online Feb. 23.

Support ski patrol

The culture at Alterra has changed dramatically. This year’s 20% labor cuts have pushed the workers to the edge. Corporation-minded administrators are making cavalier budget cuts that have real effects on the lives of every worker at the mountain. 20%? That’s hostile. These cuts affect the community and the safety of all of us.

I’m old enough to remember the humility in this community after the Alpine avalanche and the Tram disaster in Olympic Valley. These administrators are not humble. They are dangerous. We’ve already had too many tragedies this year. If we ignore the unhealthy corporate culture, the next one might be worse. I’ve seen corporate greed cause even bigger tragedies. I smell the greed again.

Support ski patrol and the workers who put their lives on the line for the community that we love. Community before corporation. They come and go but it’s our home and we are the boots on the ground.

~ Brook Igleheart, Kings Beach, via Facebook

In response to A Teen’s Perspective on the World in the February print edition.

Think for yourself

Ms. Siig has a broadened perspective due to her own ability to think for herself. I too enjoy thinking and learning more about the subjects and topics that affect me mostly. I have learned so much from the Foundation for Critical Thinking that everyone should try it, and learn to relax into a good conversation when everyone can learn somethin’ and see the world from another person’s perspective. Good article, Moonshine Ink!

~ Teri Lindsay, Big River, CA, via Facebook

Thanks for the cabin fever cure

As a new subscriber, I wanted to share how fun it was to enjoy the latest edition sitting on my coffee table during this series of storms. While on a much-needed break from the seemingly never-ending plowing and shoveling, I had my neighbors over for a cabin fever potluck, and Moonshine Ink’s latest edition was a hit all around! Please share with the Moonshine Ink team our appreciation for your great work.

~ Erin Holland, Kings Beach/Reno, via email

In response to New Website, Logo to Launch Next Month published online Feb. 23.

Why does the Town of Truckee need rebranding?

I was stunned to learn that the Town of Truckee has authorized the expenditure of $155,000 to “rebrand” the town and update its logo. First, it is unclear to me why the town needs a “brand” in any case. This is a municipality; it is not a fast food restaurant. Local government does not need to have a brand. It needs to efficiently and effectively provide necessary services.

Setting the branding issue aside for the moment, the new logo is a sad update. It says absolutely nothing about the character of the town nor its history, something which is unique to Truckee. The stylized font in the original logo was attractive and the locomotive and train said something about how our town began life. The new logo is rather sterile and bland, merely saying that we live where there are trees, mountains, and a river, most of which was already in the original logo.  And for this, we have paid $155,000.

It is difficult for me to hear the town complain about expenditures such as providing police and manpower to enable the local Fourth of July fireworks display when we apparently have enough money to spend many multiples of that cost for something like this pitiful logo and a “rebranding” of our town. We can certainly do better than this.

~ Robert French, Truckee, via email


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