In response to The Snow Must Go On

Kudos to Rainbow GIrls, Royal Jelly Jive, and Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra

All three bands are lights-out performers. Love them <3


~ Todd Wees, via Instagram

In response to A Numbers Game: Short-Term Versus Long-Term Renting and Why People Are Choosing Which

Deed Restrict the Second Homes

The article points out that in general, second homeowners would make more money long-term renting rather than short-term renting but they aren’t going to because they want to be able to use their homes. We need more homes that are deed-restricted so that they can’t be bought by the second homies. That’s the only way we are going to preserve affordable housing stock.

~ Nick Pullen, North Lake Tahoe, via Instagram

In response to Remembering Bill Smallfield

Heart Out to Those Who Knew Him

Oh Marina, my heart goes out to you. Remembering some amazing XC skis with you and Bill, and his always get-out-there-and-have-fun attitude.

~ Tim Hauserman, Tahoe City, via Facebook

Good Living Cut Short

72 years of living rather than 72 years old. Good living cut short. So sorry.

~ Scott Berelson, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to A Case for Newsprint

Losing an Art

I’m a former printer in Reno. Less and less newsprint through our doors as time keeps rolling.

~ Däve Hähn, Reno, via Facebook

In response to mask mandates in schools

Unanswered Questions

On Dec. 27, 2021, I sent a letter to the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District Superintendent and Board of Education Trustees to provide me with the statutory authority that permits the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District to administer medical advice/interventions and/or have any say on a student’s medical health care choices. On Dec. 30, 2021 I received a letter from the district attorney, stating: “The CDPH Guidance for K-12 Schools was issued pursuant to a June 11, 2021 State Health Officer Order, expressly based on Health & Safety Code § 120140, which states: ‘Upon being informed by a health officer of any contagious, infectious, or communicable disease the department may take measures as necessary to ascertain the nature of the disease and prevent its spread.’ The District, as such, is obligated to comply with CDPH orders.”

As far as I’m concerned, the attorney did not address the merits of my questions. I attempted to attend board meetings in January only to be denied access and blocked to offer public comment.I sent a formal complaint to the superintendent on Jan. 26, and I have not received any communication from TTUSD. In my quest for a truthful discussion, I feel that I am being purposely ignored.

~ Erik Smakulski, via letter

In response to TCPUD ordinance

NIMBYism at its Finest

The Tahoe City Public Utility District has just passed Ordinance 305 which bans virtually all commercial activity at the Lake Forest Boat Ramp. It is so broad in its reach that it only will allow use by boat owners, commercial use by contractors working on Lake Front homes, and boat storage facilities launching boats for boat owners.

Any less privileged resident or visitor who does not own their own boat, and does not know how to trailer a rental boat themselves, will no longer be allowed to hire a professional to tow the rented boat and trailer in, and launch it on their behalf. Handicapped boat renters, who overwhelmingly fall on the lower end of the economic spectrum, will not be allowed to rent a boat off-site and hire a professional to launch the boat or drive it on their behalf. This is nothing more than NIMBYism at its finest. It is a roughly a 10-plus million dollar blow to the local economy, puts seven to 10 small businesses out of business, and puts nearly 50 summer employees out of work. In a disgusting oversight, the ordinance bans picnicking at the property, even though there is an existing lakeside picnic area with tables, a beach, and a large grassy field. Solutions to the congestion and parking problems at the ramp due to low water levels fell on deaf ears.

~ Cooper Waldron, Tahoe City, via letter


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