Readers Reflect | June 2023


In response to Bettering Our Woody Ways in the May 2023 print edition.

Biomass facility needed

Great idea. Long time coming. Disposal fees at the dump are at an all-time high. The question is where to put the biomass facility. Lots of NIMBYs in Tahoe.

~ Ryan Kramer, Truckee, via Instagram


In response to A Long Search for a New Purpose in the May 2023 print edition.

Why is it taking so long?

Why can’t anything ever come to fruition in this town? Vacant ten years?!! Such a waste. I remember the survey. Even that was six years ago. I just want them to make something happen! Couldn’t there be a collaboration between Siren Arts and CWI? Art and science at the lake sounds good to me!

~ Lisa Marcucci Fritsch, Tahoe City, via Facebook

Siren Arts proposal best benefit to the community

Thank you for covering this topic. I strongly believe the uses put forward by Siren Arts would have a much more long-term benefit for the local community. I don’t support a new player in the game that is not being [required] to go through the same process as the other proposals.

~ Abigail Edwards, Tahoe City, via Facebook

Don’t skip the process

I thought the Siren Arts proposal was great — and would add something of value for the community. Leapfrogging the community involvement and pushing a fledgling Bay Area nonprofit to the front of the line does not serve the community.

~ Janice Pilkington, Tahoe City, via Facebook

In response to Big Snow Hammers Tahoe’s Real Estate Market in the May 2023 print edition.

Risk of cancellation if filing a claim

Excellent article on insurance. I think the worst part is the concern that if you file a claim, your policy won’t be renewed. Companies are looking for excuses and opportunities to drop policyholders in our area due to wildfire risk.

~ Ed Miller, Tahoma, via email

In response to Shine On cartoon How Many Times Are We Gonna Hit the Snooze Button in the May 2023 print edition.

Profit over people

General Plan?? Make more money, screw the old locals and rape the environment for profit seems to be their mantra.

~ Danney Bartlett, Tahoma, via Facebook

In response to Shine On cartoon Ah’ll Be Back in the May 2023 print edition.

Potholes are people too

My daughter and I named all the potholes on West River Street and Donner Pass Road. She would say hi to them on her way to school and then again on the way home. They eventually all had personalities, too.

~ Amy Lyons, Truckee, via Instagram


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