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In response to Art Taking Hold, But Stigma and Safety Issues Stick in the June 2023 print edition.

Beautiful unit

Hi there, Artist Lofts resident here. A bit about myself — I am a long-term Tahoe local, was born at Tahoe Forest [Hospital] and raised around North Lake. I have a four-year degree and am pursuing a Masters. I work full time in veterinary medicine and teach music on the side. My students come to TAL for lessons, and we just had our first recital in the art gallery. I have lived at TAL since its opening two years ago.

TAL is by no means a perfect project, but it has benefitted me and many other locals. Most of the people in my hallway are Tahoe locals, with a few low-income housing folks from elsewhere sprinkled in. I believe this is where TAL gets its bad rap, as many of the low-income housing folks are unemployed, spending their days hanging around outside the building. However, most of us have busy lives, and don’t hang out here all day.


My unit is beautiful, and free from structural issues. I know the first floor has had its share of complications, but I haven’t experienced any in my apartment.

Projects like this need to be approached with some nuance. It is not a failed project, but a few things need to be addressed (most notably, the income limits, which were established by Nevada County and NOT the town of Truckee). Please try not to blanket your opinion, or call the people who live here “trash.” Despite its flaws, I am grateful to live here.

~ Autumn Burnett, Truckee, via Instagram

Confusing rates

The rental rates are confusing, and not clearly listed on website. I believe it’s a percent of income, but income can vary a lot year to year, and month to month for many artists. I don’t want my rent to increase or get kicked out if I end up making more money. Had high hopes for this place as an artist living in Truckee, I would love to live in an artist community, but have heard bad things about this place.

~ Jillian Culver, Truckee, via Instagram

Who runs the place?

If only I could @John Cicerone. I hadn’t even heard his name until reading the article, though he is apparently a key figure in who runs this place. We (residents with lived experience who know what’s real beyond rumors) need to be invested in. If John says he’s prepared to do that, I’d love to see it take place.

~ ‘Love’, Truckee, via Instagram

In response to The Affordable Housing Experiment in the June 2023 print edition.


Unreal. Sad and frustrating.

~ Shana Kaplan, Auburn, via Facebook


This is absolutely maddening. We have a bunch of homes for the one-percenters and yet the people who get their hands dirty to build those homes still don’t have a home to call their own. From what I understand by reading the article, it seems Dan Fraiman is doing everything he can to make this workforce housing a reality, yet circumstances such as building costs and rising interest rates mixed with government red tape has made this project a difficult one to pull off. Once completed, even a home in the $600Ks is unaffordable for most of the workforce here with current interest rates. What I don’t understand is why the county doesn’t recognize the need for this housing and streamline the process for the developers by making the permitting process easier and less cost prohibitive. Dare I even suggest offering tax incentives for the developers to build workforce housing? If these houses get built and are bought by locals at affordable prices, everybody wins. Let’s cut the BS and make this happen, Placer County.

~ Ryan Kramer, Truckee, via Instagram

Housing for workforce

Meanwhile, during the past eight years over 80 BILLION has been spent in California on “homelessness.” Those funds get funneled to a myriad of agencies and companies and it is the biggest money laundering scam in our state’s history. Just think if funds had been made available to support true workforce housing.

~ Peggy Lindsay, Truckee, via Instagram

Part time

Redraw the county lines! … You locked up the deeds and now people that could’ve gotten in there and made a smart financial decision and build a family and life in Truckee are really just here part time still.

~ Sawyer Mahoney, Truckee, via Instagram

In response to Truckee Fireworks are All About Tradition in the June 2023 print edition

Team fireworks

Yay, Truckee! … I am proud that Truckee stays true to traditions despite the extra costs. Drone shows are great, and they have their place, but it’s sad that Donner Lake is now the last place to see fireworks in all of North Tahoe.

~ Lloyd Garden, Sierra Meadows, vis Facebook

In response to Real Estate Snapshot | May 2023 in the June 2023 print edition

Priced out

Even as more get priced out, some are inheriting $15 trillion from their boomer parents.

~ Rick Cooper, Tahoe Vista, via Facebook


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