Readers Reflect | March 2023


In response to A Hazy 2040 Vision in the February 2023 print edition

Keep the hospital district’s expansion plans top of mind

Enjoyed your thorough article related to the Truckee plans. Being a healthcare worker, I was particularly shocked at what you wrote about the Tahoe Forest Hospital District (p. 13) plans for expansion of the campus not being incorporated into the Truckee plans headed to the April approval process. Pretty shocking, considering the size and scope of the TFHD campus expansion plans and the importance this has as part of the infrastructure for the whole of North Tahoe. If you haven’t already seen these campus plans, see photo below. Tahoe Forest Hospital is very excited about the upgrades, funds, and budgeting for it all.


This comes at a time that the hospitals in Reno are struggling to accommodate the patients that come to them from Northern California (Tahoe). They have a hard enough time accommodating the Reno community and must also serve Tahoe patients sent from as far away as Bishop/Mammoth when it’s a trauma issue.

GROWth: TFHD expansion rendering submitted by writer. Courtesy photo

Again, thank you all at Moonshine for your extensive and thorough reporting on things that are of interest to all of us around North Tahoe.

~ Sarah Lowis, BSN, Tahoe City, via email

In response to Acts of Grace in the Feb. 9 print edition

Ken and Terry Yagura have brought wonderful events to our community

Thank you for the wonderful article on and by the Yaguras; wonderful people and unsung heroes for the students and children. I attended many wonderful events and concerts with our kids that would never have come to the small community of North Tahoe and Truckee.

~ Barbara York, Klamath Falls, Oregon (previously Homewood/Truckee/Floriston from 1980-2013), via enews

In response to Holding Pattern in Tahoma in the March 11, 2022 print edition

A building can represent a lifestyle – and a family’s hard work

My parents worked really hard in the 1970s to build the property in the title picture (6941 North Lake Blvd.) into a beautiful family resort with an ice cream parlor/restaurant, gift shop, mini gym/spa, and donut/coffee shop. I remember watching my father build the entire ice cream parlor. They worked night and day for seven years building that place up and when they finally had it finished and went to sell it, they got “hosed” somehow in the process and ended up losing all but a small fraction of the value. I think it’s a terrible shame what has happened to it now. To see it all boarded up and reading about people “camping” on the decks of the cabins etc. tears my heart out. The best memories of my life come from that place. Besides the fact that all the years of hard work that my parents put into it are all gone. It was for nothing. Absolutely disgusting. Now it sits vacant and boarded up and unused. Pretty sad story; no real bright side to this one. Sorry about that.

No fault of yours of course, and the article was written very well and was very informative. Top notch work. Thank you for the venting space.

~ Ed L. Hauk III, Phoenix, Arizona/North Tahoe, via email


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