Readers Reflect | December 2023


In response to Keira Scott: Truckee’s Own Greta Sparks Climate Advocacy in the November print edition.

Environmental Hypocrites?

I wonder if these “environmental warriors” endorsed by the Citizens Climate Lobby hiked all the way to Washington and camped outside, or did they drive to and from the airports and fly in a big jet and utilize a few single-serve items in a hotel? Oh well, I suppose being an activist effectively eliminates your carbon footprint.

~ Thomas Parris, Truckee, via email


In response to Dear Truckee, I Love You, But It’s Over in the November print edition.

Going in Wrong Direction

Thank you for the beautiful, heartbreaking, well-written letter. There are so many people who make this community such a special place facing the same decision. We are not moving in a positive or sustainable direction.

~ Katie Kuber, Truckee, via Facebook

Leaving Was Right Decision

Made it 12 years on the South Shore in Meyers. Can’t believe I survived that long. Begged, borrowed, stole, worked five jobs at one point (40 hours a week in a marketing career wasn’t enough!) and walked away with only a few lifelong friends after that length of time, no savings, and a ton of PTSD from the overtourism, transient attitudes, community mismanagement, storms, traffic issues, and the liberalist agenda that is ruining the area. Trauma, trauma, trauma.

Life is so much easier now. You don’t realize how bad Tahoe has become until you leave and set down roots elsewhere. Best decision I ever made was to leave.

~ Kari Koutnik, Vail, Colorado, via Facebook

In response to Good for the Soule in the November print edition.

The Best

It’s one of my absolute favourite restaurants.

~ Bree Montana, Kings Beach, via Facebook

In response to Shopping Small Business Makes a Big Impact in the November print edition

Let’s Promote Each Other

While it is true that there is emphasis on marketing the downtown, the downtown merchants pay dues to their association and they also organize fundraising events, which pay for downtown improvements, and provide funding for a paid leadership position. Honestly, I’ve never met a more hardworking group of business owners. That said, it is somewhat disappointing to see an article like this not mentioning the wider shopping community. So, what are we going to do about it? We could organize an informal collective and start cross-promoting each other’s businesses. I’m game.

~ Carla Beebe, Glenshire, via Facebook

Shop Beyond Downtown

Town advertising should also focus on the expanding area of small businesses outside of the downtown region. So many businesses are overlooked because they are not where all the foot traffic is.

~ Lauren Rasmussen Sintay, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to Preserving the Essence of North Lake Tahoe: A Call for Responsible Development in the November print edition.

Too Late for Tahoe/Truckee

Ha ha, you are 30 years too late. [This] is the reason I moved in 2006. Couldn’t find a place to park at the grocery, gridlocked on I-80 trying to go 0.5 miles in Truckee, and then no place to sit down at Palisades with my family to eat lunch at the top lodge — we sat on the muddy floor on trays (it was snowing and windy outside). Too many people, transportation around town is a nightmare. A good place to visit, so glad I don’t live there. Wildfire entrapment is a scary reality also.

~ Teri Lindsay, Big River, California, via Facebook


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