Readers Reflect | August 2023


In response to Tahoe’s Ted Lasso Lessons in the July 2023 print edition.

Heidi Hill Drum gets it wrong

I read Ms. Drum’s article with a mounting sense of disbelief. What comes through is a PR flack buying time for her bosses without really dealing with the problems we face. The conflict facing all of us in the Lake Tahoe Basin is the clear sense that time is running out on the North Shore. The rural, natural, unspoiled beauty of the lake, which was supposed to be preserved by the TRPA for all future generations, is under serious attack. Just go take a hard look at South Shore and ask yourself, Ms. Drum, if that is the vision of the lake and its history that we are trying to preserve for future generations. I think not. One might as well go and preserve Sacramento.

North Lake Tahoe is a unique place on this planet where people can go to get a glimpse of what was once thought the fairest place in the whole world. No one thinks that of South Shore anymore.


Any new structure or expanded footprint that is over three stories high degrades the character of the North Shore and is indefensible. You want development? Go to Reno. You want high end restaurants? Go to San Francisco. You want affordable housing? Stop STRs, force big, existing developments to build workforce housing first and condos afterward, enforce or pass zoning laws that make it clear that easy money is over for those buying up the dilapidated old structures in the small towns around the lake.

I appreciate the Ms. Drum is trying to do something positive for the lake. And I support her vision of community. It is unfortunate that she seems to be so naive that she thinks the world is a Ted Lasso sitcom. It’s not. It is a world of conflicting interests, some of which are entirely self-serving. She needs to figure out where she stands on the real issues.

~ Richard Beaty, Brockway Point, via email

TPC’s work improves quality of life in Tahoe

I am the executive director for Saint Joseph Community Land Trust, a nonprofit provider of affordable housing and supportive programs for the Tahoe Basin’s low and moderate-income workforce and residents. I want to express my support for the work of the Tahoe Prosperity Center (TPC) that has been, and continues to be, a significant contributor to making the Tahoe Basin a wonderful place to live and work. TPC’s work goes beyond helping local communities and organizations identify issues of affordable housing, and extends to the full range of quality of life and environmental issues that are important to the Tahoe Basin being a thriving and vibrant community.

TPC has been involved with many studies as a convener and/or participant. Their work has always been data driven and with significant stakeholder and community involvement. The Tahoe Basin is better off with the work of TPC.

~ Jean M. Diaz, Zephyr Cove, via email

In response to Better Together in the July 2023 print edition

One year rule to be a local

One can live in a town and not be a local. There are people who never support the local community but also you can’t just move to a town and become a local in the first week —fair rule is year-round resident. After your first year and the customer service agents working the local resturants and shops learn your name, if you dont get recognized by the local cash register people then you still are working on your local’s card.

~ Adam Garonfourtwenty, Incline Village, via Facebook

Shift mindset to stop litter

I’m going to repost this because this is the first thing I’ve read that has eloquently described something I see. The #1 reason people litter is lack of welcomed attachment to an area. Keep Tahoe Blue preaches this in Blue Crew training. Pair that with a major us vs. them issue in Tahoe and I think we have our solution — a mindset shift can help stop this trash trend. It is so clear and simple. I don’t know any other area with as many tourist meme pages as Tahoe. Thanks for writing this.

~ Amber Rae, Incline Village, via Facebook

In response to You’re Invited: The Ascension of Kelly Smiley in the July 2023 print edition.

Missing Kelly

This is such a beautifully written article by the amazing Liz Bowling. Appreciate all you all do and love you Liz. Love and miss our Kelly infinitely.

~ Meg Cooper, Kings Beach, via Instagram


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