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Graffiti is Never Okay


Well. For starters it’s ILLEGAL. Second, this exact mindset is what leads to the spread of graffiti. We’ve seen an explosion of it in our region: in town, on rocks and trees, you name it. It’s not up to YOU to decide what type and where graffiti is okay. Would you be okay with graffiti on your home if someone else considers it ‘art’? I’m guessing you’d be furious. Well. This is NO different. People worked really hard to have a great skatepark. This graffiti is just a bunch of wanna-be gangster tags and has NO place in our community. Some may call this art. Educated people that care about our home will call it illegal garbage that has no place in this community.

~ Court Leve, Truckee, via Facebook

Free Expression

All I’m saying is skate culture and graffiti go hand in hand. A skatepark is a place of free expression, so long as the graffiti doesn’t mess up the coping, who cares? Skating is something that takes place outside the culture of suburban America, and the park reflects that. I’m not saying people should graffiti houses and what not, but it’s just a part of skate culture.

~ Nicholas Carter, Truckee, via Facebook

Get Kids Outside

Put up some video cameras. But first clean up all the graffiti and make a big public statement about keeping it clean for all. How about at the new skate park have a giant concrete wall that people can spray paint all they want. Anything to get more kids outside and not inside playing video games. Some kids don’t like baseball and soccer.

~ Brad Lee Henry, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to Moonshine Ink’s July edition

From Sac With Love

I live in the Sacramento area and was up at Tahoe last weekend for the Palisades Mountain Run. While in Tahoe City, I saw your publication and picked it up. I must say I was quite impressed with it!

~ Jeffrey Callison, Sacramento, via letter

In response to Growing Old in Tahoe

We Need Solutions

This issue has been one of the most difficult to tackle for our family. We ran in circles trying to find resources for my dad, who we were caring for. He lived with us for 1.5 years….. and came up with nothing. Hospital was too expensive for care; senior apartments had waitlists a mile long with no availability for years, and in-home care was only achievable when he was released from hospital stays and granted home health that would end after a few a weeks. Sadly, we had to transition him to Reno where there are more resources. To be honest, I would be happy if Truckee came up with solutions for this soon, but would be scared that it would end up costing more then in Reno, like everything else. After seeing our town from the vantage point of a caretaker for elderly, I have been disappointed, to say the least. I’m happy that you guys are shining a light on this.

~ Kristin Cooksey, Truckee, via Facebook

On Seniors

Really good article. An important issue to address.

~ Pati Johnson, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to Moonshine Ink’s July 14 News Briefs lead photo


It’s good to see Jody back!!!

~ Anissa Rich Capps, Glenshire, via Facebook


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