Readers Reflect | April 2024


Rebranding Lacks Authenticity

I agree with Robert French’s comments on the “rebranding” of Truckee. As someone who has spent most of my career in marketing, I find it distressing to see the end result of a new logo and brand. The critical step in positioning any product is to understand and appreciate its history, characteristics, and unique traits. It requires input and involvement of all parties, not just a few selected employees.

If those elements are not taken into consideration, one ends up with a boilerplate, computer generated image that could represent any city, town, or motel with trees and a river. Also, the idea that different town divisions are developing “individualized iconographies” will almost guarantee a muddy, blurred image of what has been, up to now, a spectacular place with a storied history, remarkable community, and an alluring environment.


~ Mary Hart Thompson, Truckee, via email

Time to Give Up Fireworks

Dear citizens of the lakes, can we please stop pretending that fireworks are okay? We live in the woods, we should be mindful and respectful, there are birds and squirrels and bears and coyotes and many creatures we don’t see often here. Yet it’s fine to blast bomb-like noises into the night for our self-serving fun?

Please explain to me why a neighbor had to go on Facebook to find a tree climber the day after Fourth of July when his frantic cat accidentally got out and ran up my tree. The climber had 100-foot rope and had to go higher than that to get this crying little one. Big deal, you say, many animals are in survival mode while people think it’s all in jest. If you don’t care about wildlife, what are you doing here? This affects many pets, and don’t forget we also care for a whole human society as well here.

If we could sanely have fireworks over the big lakes for families to enjoy once a year that would disrupt wildlife, but be a compromise, I would let that go for one night. But do Martis Camp and Lahontan, with their little lakes, feel entitled, or can we do a drone blast-less sky show without all the chaos and madness and change our old ways for the wellbeing of wildlife, or are we just too self-serving?

~ Robin Zeare, Truckee, via email

In response to The Subaru Bread Run in the March print edition.

Thanks for the Publicity

We were proud to see Sierra Community House’s hard-working volunteers featured in this article. Our hunger relief program could not function without the dedication and support from these generous community members. After the article published, we had so many inbound requests to volunteer and learn more about our services. Appreciate the thoughtful coverage in this vital publication. Local journalism and reporting are as vital to this community as hunger relief services. Thanks for all that your team does in telling the important stories.

~ Shannon Falker, Truckee, via letter

In response to the Rising Cost of Living in California in the March print edition.

No Response

I cannot understand how all the California politicians and the insurance commissioner act as though it’s not happening. It’s infuriating! We’ve tried to communicate directly with the California Insurance Department and … crickets.

~ Fran Miller Pepoon, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to New Tahoe City Safeway Opening Date Pushed to Next Year in the March print edition.

One Grocery Store Is Not Enough

I couldn’t be more bummed at this whole entire decision! Tahoe City needs two grocery stores! I’ve been more often grocery shopping in Truckee lately. TC Safeway isn’t great.

~ Tania Vasina Adams, Tahoma, via Facebook

In response to Tahoe Donner’s First Female GM published online March 15.

Not the First

Please correct your mistake. She is not the first woman GM. Wanda Stewart was the GM in the mid-1980s. She hired me as the accounting manager.

~ Constance Rae Whitfield, Lake Shastina, California, via Facebook


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