In response to Homewood Switches Gears

Homewood Should be Open for the Locals

I read the article by Melissa Siig regarding the future of Homewood Mountain Resort and have a few comments/observations.


Homewood management states that “commuter” skiers have a difficult time getting there due to traffic issues on Hwy 89. Commuters don’t ski at Homewood; it’s too far out of the way for a day trip. They ski at Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Tahoe-Donner, and Sierra at Tahoe (when it’s open). Also, maybe Palisades and Northstar. Homewood caters primarily to locals and those staying on the West Shore.

Our family has had a cabin in Tahoma since 1976 and we all love skiing at Homewood. However, Homewood has lost business because of slow chair lifts, old/outdated infrastructure, and low technology. In other words, it’s their own doing.

~ Gary M. Gutowsky,
Roseville, via letter

Traffic is a Non-Issue

This plan will have a big impact on winter tourism on the West Shore and many local businesses will suffer because of it.

As a regular passholder and dedicated Homewood family member for two decades, this is a sad turn of events. I’ll note that we haven’t lived on the West Shore in over 15 years and getting there has always been a non-issue from anywhere in the Basin, even from Incline on the snowiest and busiest traffic days.

~ Chris Pyle, Incline Village, via Facebook

Out of Luck

We have been passholders for at least 10 of the last 15 years, if not more. But since we don’t live in an HOA, it sounds like we’re out of luck after next year. Not that it really matters as I’m sure we will be priced out eventually.

If JMA was a little smarter, they could have said that previous seasons passholders would be included. They would most likely sell more passes next year and then they could incrementally raise the cost to price out us riff-raff locals.

~ Kevin Rose, Tahoma, via Facebook

Hoping For the Best

Squaw/Alpine’s traffic as we know has been terrible for years, only getting worse. It has ruined a lot. Not hearing a solution for that. I’m praying our HOA will be a part of Homewood’s plan. They are suffering, so what else? Here’s hoping for the best. There is an extreme amount of dead trees from drought that seriously needs to be addressed up there. It’s a sad sight, and that alone is scary.

~ Tania Vasina Adams, Tahoma, via Facebook

In response to Holding Pattern in Tahoma

Land Banking

Very sad. We’d love to see the lodges open or at least offer long-term housing. I know multiple parties who would love to purchase these properties have tried to reach the owners to no avail. The owners are simply land banking and at the same time hurting our community. Shame on them.

~ Dick White, Tahoma, via Facebook

Tax-Exempt Benefits

Great investigative reporting, Alex Hoeft. Tahoe residents should be wary of what is going on “around the lake.” I find it interesting that many properties are owned by nonprofit Christian churches, so of course they are tax-exempt. Great planning and scheming – sounds like money laundering to me …

~ Teri Bergstrom, Big River, via Facebook

In response to Long-Term Issues

Community Destruction

Everyone knows about the idiocy of the TRPA and building department. It’s been like this for years yet it continues. Thank you for the article to show the total incompetence of these departments and how they are destroying our communities.

~ Nicholaus Augustine, Reno, via Facebook

Housing Gap

Good coverage of an important topic about how government regulations, well-intentioned as (sometimes) they may be, drive up the cost of housing. It’s no secret that the gap between what it costs to deliver new housing and what people can afford to pay in rent is a major issue everywhere. And it’s all about the economics. If it doesn’t pencil, it doesn’t happen. Thanks for covering this, Tim.

~ Wally Auerbach, Tahoe City, via Facebook

In response to The Road Ahead for the Truckee Railyard

Falling Short

Thank you very much for the article on the railyard project and update. It was a good vision and I thought it was a win for our town. Frustrating as it seems several projects are great when pitched and then never come to life.   

~ Ronni Talmadge, Olympic Heights, via letter


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