In response to opinion piece Housing Headache: My Experience Navigating the Crisis

Proposals for Housing Regulations

Truckee should consider making it really easy for homeowners to build a “studio,” either attached or not, to main residence, over the garage, etc. Give a “break” in property taxes or something as incentive. Or … how about a tiny house community? The cost of real estate in Truckee is sky high. Resorts should be providing affordable housing for seasonal workers … tiny homes!

~ Teri Lindsay, Truckee resident, via Facebook


In response to online exclusive Governors, Others Speak on Climate, Wildfire at Tahoe Summit

Tom McClintock’s Tahoe Summit Points Confuse

Nice work! McClintock is a confusing one. Does it not make sense to both include climate change as a big factor in the whole picture, and hold the FS accountable? Not really a one or the other situation, I would suggest to Tom.

~ Dave Zook, Tahoe City resident and Moonshine contributor, via Facebook

Fire Fears

The Tahoe Basin Unit of the Eldorado NF is highly flawed, mostly due to TRPA. It is a matter of time before the next devastating fire occurs there and it is mostly self-inflicted.

~ Scott Imus, Minden resident, via Facebook

In response to Tahoe Is On Fire center spread informative watercolor painting and the launch of the On Fire series

We Would Be Trapped

If we had a major, fast moving fire like the Camp fire, thousands of people would be trapped. I live just off of 267 and I wouldn’t be heading for I-80. I’d never make it due to traffic. I’d be headed right towards the lake!

~ Ruth Canerie Orovich, Truckee resident, via Facebook

In response to In The Past column Right Person, Right Time, Right Place

A Hero and a Stand-Up Guy

I have volunteered for TNSAR alongside Scott B. for about 14 years now, and gosh darn, he still has a knack of showing up in the right place at the right time. We are lucky to have him in our community!

~ Troy Corliss, Truckee resident, via Moonshine Ink website comment


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