Pet Network Provides for Our Furry Friends


By Hillary Abrams

Pet Network Humane Society in Incline Village has undergone some exciting changes over the past year! With a new executive director at the helm, this nearly 30-year-old animal welfare organization is on a mission to rescue more animals than ever from overcrowded shelters. Pet Network cares for animals until they are ready to be adopted into loving homes across the Tahoe Basin and beyond. Cats and dogs from across the western states are brought to the shelter where they receive medical care, behavioral enrichment, and of course lots of love and attention from staff and volunteers.

Since its inception, Pet Network has rescued and rehomed more than 10,000 animals in need, and new fur friends arrive to the facility weekly. Prior to adoption every animal is examined by the Pet Network veterinarian, Dr. Ryann Healy, who treats them for medical concerns, administers vaccines, and spays or neuters each animal before they are adopted out into the community. While waiting for their new families, dogs rest in spacious kennels that have large windows and give them individual access to their own outdoor wooded play yards. Adult cats lounge in their indoor/outdoor “catio,” complete with a flat screen TV that imitates a fish tank, while smaller kittens tussle around safely in their indoor “kitten playground.”

The upbeat energy you feel when walking through the humane society’s doors matches the growth the organization is experiencing. Staff bustle around the immaculate facility, tending to a new litter of kittens and consulting on the best video angles for a dog who will be featured on its Instagram page, all while a rather rotund lobby cat oversees the activity from her perch. The Pet Network team makes a concerted effort to ensure that the shelter is a place of love and laughter and new beginnings. From the afternoon “scent of the day” that wafts through the dog halls via diffuser, to specially made pupsicles and Kongs chock-full of peanut butter and treats, the animals are lovingly cared for by the Pet Network family while they wait for their forever homes.


Pet Network’s warm, inviting vibe extends beyond the care of its animals, and with an increase in community outreach events and collaborations, the lifesaving work is touching communities in the Tahoe Basin and beyond every day. Cats and dogs who would otherwise be euthanized are brought to Pet Network where they receive the care necessary to adopt them out into the community. More than 645 animals were rescued by Pet Network in 2020 and this year the organization is aiming to top that.

How you can help

Incline Village’s beloved humane society has big plans for the future! As the shelter continues to save the lives of animals across the western states, with a small but dedicated staff, the help of volunteers is more integral than ever to the mission. The shelter has a host of volunteer opportunities available for both hands-on animal lovers and individuals who would prefer to contribute to the cause by working at the Pet Network Thrift Store, taking photos of animals, or helping out the front desk staff. Shelter visitors are welcome seven days a week, so stop by for a tour and say hello to the furry residents!

Pet Network is honored to carry out the special work of changing the lives of rescue animals, and it is so thankful to the Tahoe community for its ongoing support. Inquire  about volunteering via and stay informed via the newsletter and social media.

~ Hillary Abrams is the Pet Network’s director of development. Hillary served in the Peace Corps and earned her master’s degree in philanthropy from NYU. She has lived all over the U.S. but her favorite place is close to her family in Lake Tahoe. Hillary is dog mom to Lolita, a mischievous long-haired Dachshund rescue.


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