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It Takes the Head and the Heart

In the madness of today’s world, there is a critical shift needed for our society to find answers. We must embrace a tool that for so long we’ve been told cannot be trusted.

2022’s Tahoe “Fireworks”

Tahoe City, Kings Beach, and Incline Village fireworks will be replaced this year by choreographed aerial drone shows in order to reduce fire risk, sound trauma to pets and wildlife, and water and land...

Lenise Candiotto Guimarães

A beloved local architect and mother, Lenise Candiotto Guimarães died in May at the age of 70.

Alterra, Are You Listening?

A Palisades Tahoe employee criticizes the Alterra Mountain Co. for not raising employee wages like other major resorts have done this year.

Democracy, Magnified

False alarm or fraud alarm?

Fish and Wildlife Property Provides Idyllic Solution for Public Access, Recreational Use of Truckee...

Larry Andresen proposes a publicly accessible California Department of Fish and Wildlife parcel as an alternative to recreation on private properties in the Hirschdale area — an option he says will be cheaper than Nevada County’s proposed stairway project.

Though Challenges Persist, We’re Making Lasting Progress on Workforce Housing

Placer County Supervisor Cindy Gustafson points to the positive gains made in workforce housing despite the crisis Tahoe continues to wade through. Enews email excerpt: Amid a housing crisis that still hasn’t recovered from 2008, Placer County Supervisor Cindy Gustafson argues that there is work being done to address Tahoe’s shortage of homes for the local workforce.

Seasons of Our Lives

Our own lives are patterned after Mother Nature’s seasons. Reporter Alex Hoeft reflects on what it means to be “doing okay” in her current season.

So… California is Asking Us Farmers Not to Grow Food to Save Water

Sierra Valley farmer Gary Romano says California should limit water use for recreation, parks, golf courses, and landscapes before restricting farms.

Favorite Local Public Art

Those living and visiting the Truckee/North Tahoe area share their favorite art installations.