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Social Pisstancing

Pandemic pups learning how to distance.

Passing for White in Tahoe

It’s no secret that Tahoe is white when covered in snow and White overwhelmingly in demographics; this My Shot describes one Black resident’s thoughts on passing as White in the region.

Help Our Children by Taking the Census

California census deputy director Emilio Vaca appreciates the sense of community he has found in our region, and advocates, for the sake of our children, that everyone take the census.

Relationship Banking Shines in a Recession

Plumas Bank president Andy Ryback shares his perspective on relationship banking and why it can be a lifesaver in a recession, advocating that his community-focused bank has solutions for the times.

First and Last Chair is Yours!

Social distancing on the lift provides … something to look forward to?

What’s Your Makeshift Mask?

Scenario: You're at a grocery store 30 minutes from home when you realize you forgot your mask. What's the plan? What do you use for a mask?

2020: A Blessing or a Curse?

Was 2020 a blessing or a curse? One relationship expert penned a My Shot reflecting on the year that tested many of our interpersonal interactions.

Hello, Neighbor!

It’s time to clear the air and stop perpetuating the “us” versus “them” mentality, but keep in mind that respect is a two-way street.

A Tip from the Grand Master of Good Times

The Alibi Truckee general manager gives you all his reasons why shopping local is particularly important as the pandemic heats back up.

Will you take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available to you? Why or...

It’s a fraught topic. When I posed the question on Facebook, 116 of our users weighed in with comments, plus 32 reacts. I was pleasantly surprised by the largely respectful discourse, even with many...