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Airport Noise, Runways, and Community

In this January My Shot, Rick Stephens agrees airport noise is a problem for nearby homeowners, and says lavatory spending is not outrageous.

Coyotes Need a Better PR Presence

If coyotes had as many media stories about them as bears do, would they be famous, too?
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect | January 2023

Readers chime in on the Tahoe Area Basin Plan amendments

Mid-Winter Mocha? … Shaun Off-White?

Is there such a car color as slush?
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect December 2022

Readers chime in on the Truckee Dirt Union and the Tahoe Basin Area Plan

Working Remotely Doesn’t Jibe with Dining Out

At restaurants, remote work doesn’t succeed

Tahoe Basin Area Plan Amendments = Developers’ Dreams Come True

In December’s My Shot, Tahoe City’s Ron Grassi, a retired attorney, asserts the amended Tahoe Basin Area Plan makes too many concessions to developers.

Traffic Jams, Tahoe-style

Not how’s the skiing, but how’s the traffic?

Steve Randall’s 37 Years at TDRPD Made all the Difference

In his December My Shot, writer Pete Kristian lauds Steve Randall for his 37 years as general manager of the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District. Randall will retire this winter.

Tahoe/Truckee Folks Don’t Feel the Cold

Tahoe/Truckee winter outfits baffle tourists