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When you save water, it saves you back

How far can drought take us — all the way to empty?

How TOT, TBID Funds Are Being Used

FaceOff: NLTRA CEO Tony Karwowski says Placer County requires the money to fund transportation and affordable housing opportunities.

“All art is quite useless. So is a flower.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Public Art — does it make a difference?
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect September 2022

Readers chime in on the Truckee 2040 General Plan as well as content published on Moonshine’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Our tourist season cup runneth over …

Along with the flood of tourists this summer came a deluge of garbage left out in areas that tourists visit.

Did someone set the thermostat to “HELL”?

This summer’s record-setting heat in some states has Tahoe residents thinking Burning Man has yet another meaning.

Van Dwellers – Don’t get Banned!

My Shot author Joe Fasbinder, who lives in his van on Mt. Rose, sounds off on van dwelling. He says, “Be courteous and steadfast and true. Be kind. Stay in your goddam lane. Observe all traffic laws and conventions. Smile. Brush often …”

“Big Back-to-School Sale at Reno-Tahoe Military Supply …”

It’s time for back-to-school shopping. What are your kids going to wear?

2022’s Burn Plans

What are your Burning Man plans for this year’s Burn?

Joan Marie Weaver Hauserman

Joan Marie Weaver Hauserman, developer of Cobblestone Shopping Center in central Tahoe City and mother to numerous Tahoe area residents, passed on July 12, three days before turning 94.