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Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect | July 2023

Readers respond to Moonshine’s June print and online stories.

Tahoe’s Ted Lasso Lessons

By Heidi Hill Drum “Be curious, not judgmental,” ~ Ted Lasso For those who haven’t watched the Emmy Award winning show Ted Lasso on Apple TV, without giving away any spoilers, it is about an American...

Local and Proud

What does it take? Ten years? Twenty?

Enhancing Emergency Response in Eastern Placer County: A Game-Changing Approach

Placer County is restructuring its emergency management model in its North Tahoe reaches, including the addition of dedicated staff. In this My Shot, assistant director of the Placer County Office of Emergency Services, Dave Atkinson, explains.

Winter Won’t Wipe Out Wildfire

Despite the second biggest winter on record, Tahoe/Truckee is not out of the woods when it comes to fire danger. North Tahoe Fire reminds residents to remain vigilant and continue to create defensible space.

Embracing Change and the Environment this Fourth of July

The Tahoe City Downtown Association explains why they made the switch to drones for Fourth of July celebrations. One big reason – wildfire danger.

Truckee Fireworks are All About Tradition

The GM of Truckee parks and rec explains why it was decided to stick with fireworks for the Fourth of July celebrations at Donner Lake.

Some People Are Struggling; We Must Do Our Part to Help

After 25 years in local nonprofits serving community members in need, Alison Schwedner reminds residents to do what they can to support those who are struggling.

No TikTok!?

WiFi-less summer camp? Excuse me?

Some Days You’re the Dog …

... some days you're the hydrant