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Will Canyon Springs Ignore Climate Change?


Mountain Area Preservation Intern Tim Green discusses what effect the proposed Canyon Springs development will have on climate change.

Like Sand Through the Hourglass, Time is Falling Through My Fingers

Living through loss brings a change of perspective when it comes to growing older.



My Shot
Truckee High School students write about Woodleaf, an annual week-long outdoor program for sixth graders at Alder Creek Middle School where kids learn about nature while having the times of their lives.

Pack Your Picnic Basket

Moonshine hits the streets and asks community members a monthly question.

Obituary: A Mountain Mama and Artist at Heart


A giver, mother, wife, artist, school kids champion, and longtime neighbor, Kathleen Jensen was grateful to live in the supportive Truckee community

Why Tina Vernon for Treasurer?

My Shot I’m Tina Vernon and I’m running for Nevada County Treasurer and Tax Collector. These are actually two separate positions, about which I will provide you a bit of information. But first I’d...

Housing Study Crucial to Address Current Crisis


Sara Schrichte, project manager for the Truckee North Tahoe Housing Study, lays out why such a study is important for the region.

Truckee Needs Emergency Veterinary Services

BY JOANNE ZAHN  |  TRUCKEE On Wednesday, Nov. 7, between 6:30 and 7 p.m., I returned home to find our cat suffering extreme and violent seizures. I called your office and your outgoing voicemail referred...

Looking at Measure J’s Big Picture

RAINE HOWE | Truckee Citizen I woke up on Nov. 7 having gone to bed knowing who was president, but not sure how Measure J fared. I turned my computer on to find a headline from...

Tram Facelift…

Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.