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The Schilling Lodge Will Add Fun and Functionality

The Schilling Lodge’s future fate will be decided at a TCPUD board meeting Feb. 25; find out why the president of Tahoe XC’s board considers this a vital addition to the ski area.

Proposed High Altitude Fitness Facility Has Issues


The Truckee planning commission needs to address three main issues with this project that concern me greatly.

Preserving Our Online Community


JOHN FORE: Truckee / Tahoe people Facebook admins decided to offer an ultimatum to our community: Be a respectful member to the online community and offer a helpful, healthy perspective or we would just delete the page altogether.

A Look at Tahoe’s Housing Market


Moonshine  Ink's new cartoonist, Mike English, pokes fun at the Tahoe region's current housing situation. 

White Quicksand


Thoughts from the top.

North Lake Tahoe’s TBID Offers Multiple Solutions for Some of Our Biggest Problems

The North Shore’s proposed Tourism Business Improvement District has a fan in longtime Tahoe City-ite Jeff “Ox” Oxandaboure, who argues in his My Shot that by putting TOT money under the control of the NLTRA, rather than Placer County, the North Shore will have more local control.

Adrenaline, a Blessing or Curse?

Moonshine hits the streets and asks community members a monthly question.  

Binging 2020 is Exhausting

How many episodes of this unwatchable show are left?

Riding the ‘Rona Waves

The moment California went into lockdown, I was taking photos of Granlibakken’s sled hill. It was a strange thing, looking at a text and knowing that I needed to go home — now. It...

Major Tax Dilemma for Locals

One North Shore resident says the proposed TBID is taxation without representation in this My Shot.