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Kelly Smiley: Power and Light

Founder of Tahoe Flow Arts and Fitness and beloved dancer and coach, Kelly Smiley, was lost last month in Mexico to a rare pneumonia. Friends are supporting her family at the GoFundMe site “In Tribute to Kelly Smiley.”

Getting Air — the Bluetooth Way

What is the future for ski lifts in Tahoe?

Truckee 2040 Falls Short on Environmental/Community Benefits

In December’s My Shot, Mountain Area Preservation’s advocacy director, Sophia Heidrich, argues the Truckee General Plan Update, called Truckee 2040, doesn’t go far enough on protections for climate change, scenic corridors, marginalized community, and workforce housing. Heidrich urges readers to stay involved.

A Love Letter to Books

News reporter Alex Hoeft reflects on a year (and lifetime, really) of reading books.

Favorite Holiday Song or Movie?

The Ink’s photographer, Ted Coakley III, captures people on the street musing about their favorite holiday songs and movies.

Keeping Up with the Tessies

What does it take to live in Tahoe/Truckee?

Warning: Labels

The Ink’s photographer, Ted Coakley III, captures people on the street musing about what a warning label would say about them if all people had one.

Living Under the Flight Path

Truckee resident Megan Butcher says it’s time to stop using taxpayer money to subsidize the airport. The millions of dollars saved can provide much-needed benefits for the whole community.
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect November 2022

Readers chime in on the candidates, electoral attacks, speeding, road striping, and more.

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider … Wants Inside Your House

Bears, spiders, Halloween… oh, my!