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Dear Editor: Referee Needed on Martis Valley West Project


Reader letters: you write them, we publish them.

North Lake Tahoe’s TBID Offers Multiple Solutions for Some of Our Biggest Problems

The North Shore’s proposed Tourism Business Improvement District has a fan in longtime Tahoe City-ite Jeff “Ox” Oxandaboure, who argues in his My Shot that by putting TOT money under the control of the NLTRA, rather than Placer County, the North Shore will have more local control.

It Takes a Village (and a Summer Camp) to Raise a Child


Moonshine Ink offers a place to Spout Off. Letters are limited to 300 words. My Shots are limited to 600 words and must be reserved ahead of time. Email editor@moonshineink.com or fax (530) 587-3635.

Hello from the Other Side

While complaints about tourists are par for the course in an area that’s built on tourism, it’s scary to imagine what Tahoe/Truckee would be like should the flow of visitors run dry.

Too Much Height and Density in Tahoe City?


Tahoe City resident Frank Rosman questions whether new projects under Placer County's Tahoe Basin Area Plan will be too dense for the area.

Give Taxpayers a Break — Vote No on Measures E and U


Alpine Meadows resident Mary Bennett has concerns about the proposed school bond measures.

A New Library in Truckee

Letter to the Editor A New Library in TruckeeNow that the supervisors have voted against outsourcing the management of our libraries to a for-profit company in Maryland, it's time to get back to more...

Ask Not What the Economy Can Do for You

In the many stories of our economic issue, all roads lead back to the housing crisis. We as a community have the power, and indeed the responsibility, for the direction we go from here.