Opposing the Tahoe City Cross-Country Lodge

As the lead agency, the Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD) has already received over 30 emails and letters from concerned parents and residents who strongly oppose a large, private, commercial ski lodge upon TCPUD property in a residential neighborhood next to the North Tahoe middle and high schools.

Community members questioned the project’s preliminary site scoring and traffic studies, but it became much more controversial after the applicant doubled the facility’s size, enlarged its parking to hold up to 100 cars and several buses, and began pushing to build its facility and associated hazardous materials next to the schools on the busiest winter street in the Highlands, routinely used by students and gym classes, and the only emergency evacuation route for those schools.

To help them, please email the TCPUD (sbarclay@tcpud.org, kboyd@tcpud.org) and ask to review and comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for this project.


~ Roger and Janet Huff, Tahoe City, via letter

Props on Shedding Proper Info

Good work team Ink!!! If only the rest of our media could follow this type of diligence … #moonshine #sheddingproperinfo on our situation … YES!

~ Roundwood Furniture, Truckee, via Instagram

In response to Empty Aisles

Self Care

The new version of self care: Don’t go to Safeway in Kings Beach. Ever. Any time of day. It’s worth driving to Save Mart or Raleys, even if you live in KB. And it’s NOT only because of a work force shortage. I spoke with several checkers at Raleys who had originally applied for jobs at Safeway and didn’t get calls back. There is something going on with Safeway management (causing the understaffing). I wrote to corporate HQ and sent photos of insane lines — one-and-a-half hours! — merging into one checkout counter. No response. Would be great for someone at Moonshine Ink to look into and report on. It’s crazy to live in a town with such a completely dysfunctional grocery store. Of course no offense to the people who work there — I believe they suffer, too, from all the angry customers.

~ Cheri Sugal, Kings Beach, via Facebook

Downhill Slide

Ever since Albertsons bought Safeway it has gone downhill. Truckee Safeway is worse than KB, it’s corporate maximizing profits and not caring about customer service or their experiences. Who says we don’t need a new grocery store in Truckee?

~ Mike Talmadge, Truckee, via Facebook

In Response to Making Do With a Ski Lease?

Won’t be Part of the Problem

Ban Airbnb/VRBO! Housing is one part of the equation but less or never talked about is the seemingly infinite number of lodging options that has contributed to our insane traffic issues. I rented my home on and off over the past few years but can’t be part of the problem any longer.

~ Court Leve, via Facebook

Not Okay

I’ve lived here since 1993. I have to move 6/1 and am already anxious and worried about moving. It’s not okay to hold people hostage with housing.

~Jennifer Kallmes, via Facebook