In response to the My Shot More Trouble at TTSA, and ELECTION 2018 | Candidate Endorsements Oct. 16

Lane Lewis, the BEST Choice for Our Community!

Given the importance of this election (and every election for that matter!) I wanted to weigh in on the article printed by Moonshine Ink regarding Lane Lewis and his position at TTSA. Lane Lewis has been a staple of the North Tahoe community for over 30 years. I find it disappointing that Moonshine Ink would print an article [My Shot] that didn’t give TTSA or Lane himself a chance to respond to before print. He has provided our community with sound fiscal direction and policy to both the NTPUD and TTSA boards. Under his direction, the NTPUD remains one of the few California special districts that remain debt free. A close friend of mine works at TTSA and has ardently told me the board at TTSA has always received employee feedback warmly and done what is best for the WHOLE community of TTSA at large.

~ NTHSclassof06, Kings Beach, via website


In response to TTSA Board Votes to Deny Union Petition; ELECTION 2018 | Candidate Endorsements Oct. 16

NTPUD Needs a Change

I just read the print version of Moonshine Ink and I am concerned about the situation at Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency. The amount of money that [the agency]has wasted fighting its employees ($300,000) is obscene and in my opinion not a good use of public funds. This contradicts [Lane] Lewis’ statements of being fiscally savvy. How the residents of North Tahoe and surrounding area do not get to have a say in the agency is beyond words … Doing a bit more research I discovered that Lane Lewis has been on the NTPUD board and sanitation board for many years (27) and believe it is time for a change.

~ TahoeMatt, Kings Beach, via website

Time to Check Back in

How about a follow-up story about the TTSA unionization topic?

~ TruckeeObserver, Nevada, via website

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