Picture a Tahoe dried up of any local media. All the regional coverage comes from tired “top 10” lists of best ski resorts, frantic video spots of incoming weather, or sporadic national news coverage on issues decided by news desks in lands far away.

Sounds lacking to us as well. And did you know that such a “news desert” has also been shown to impact voting habits in small towns?

Local news sources are drying up at an alarming rate. More than 3,000 journalists were let go in 2019 alone, reports the Columbia Journalism Review.

HARD NEWS: Download the Brookings Institute report online. Courtesy image

A November 2019 paper from the Brookings Institution stated that “the local news crisis has precipitated a general disengagement from local democratic life.” It goes on to relay that as local papers go away, so does local political coverage. In turn, so does interest in local elections. Not the type of snowball-effect we are enthused about.

As the California March 3 primary comes around the bend, it seems the national contest is the only politics to which people are paying attention. Yes, whoever takes the Oval Office is surely an important moment, but local elections hold the same importance — sometimes more. A vote for a local board member is a vote to elect your community priorities on a much smaller and more personal scale. These elections are swayed by exponentially fewer votes, thus exponentially increasing the impact of said votes.

As you may have guessed, one way to help assuage this issue is to contribute to North Tahoe and Truckee’s premier news outlet, where we will help to keep readers informed and make more simple the hornet’s nest of local politics. And if we don’t know all the answer, we can aim to recommend a specialized local political resource.

Tahoe can be an excellent escape from politics, but sometimes it can be beneficial to square up the issues, figure out what’s what, and make that vote.

~ Dave Zook, former Moonshine Ink editor and reporter

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