We need a good winter with lots of snow. That’s been the consensus: 2020 has been the year of transition and unexpected hurdles, with global and national news feeling like a blizzard piling on layers upon layers of situations that were all but unthinkable in 2019. Yet, here in Tahoe, one solace comes in the form of knowing that we still get real snow. Here are some thoughts from around the area about the best expectations for the season.

Ski instructor and recreational masters racer

Looking forward to camaraderie on the slopes with friends as we engage in playful antics.



ANNA JUCHAU, Donner Summit

This winter, I’m looking forward to starting my new nursing job and doing plenty of cross-country skiing!


Regional husky barksperson

Winter is coming, friends. Start floofing up those double coats. It’s gonna be a doozy, but with ample snow to pounce upon and much squirrel to be had by all.

DAVE ZOOK, Tahoe City
Freelance writer, former Moonshiner, jaded restaurant worker

I’m mostly looking forward to those cold and powder-laden days where the snow retains its quality from start to finish, and avoids the pesky heat of the sun … but then are followed by several crisp and fun sunny days.

KRISTEN FERRALL, Incline Village
On-air host, Lake Tahoe Television/Outside Television

TONS of snow!


  • Becca Loux

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