Looking Ahead to 2022


It’s a fresh new year, y’all. This issue, Moonshine Ink is taking stock of 2021 and setting our sights on the new year and the potential we have as a local, independent news source to shed light on the trials and triumphs of the Tahoe/Truckee region.

The #DoTell question of the January/February edition is: What do you think the Ink should prioritize covering in 2022?

Mom of teens, small business owner


It would be interesting to see an article on how local minors (kids under 18) [have been] keeping businesses operational this past year. With the housing crisis, it seems like local businesses are relying on the kids to keep doors open. Restaurants, retail, services, etc.

MOLLY WILCOX, Brooklyn, NY; Truckee
Former Moonshiner

I think Moonshine should cover the volatile housing industry: Locals are being pushed out of the Tahoe area left and right and it’s time the local government agencies do something about it.

Director of business development, Underdog Media

A truly in-depth analysis about cheap mega season passes having a serious negative impact on mountain towns. This is sort of a tired topic, but at the same time I don’t think the full trickle down effect has been documented in specific ways beyond some basic and often funny Instagram memes.

SARA L. SMITH, Kings Beach

The nuances of environmental impacts here and further afield … from various toursim impacts upon local life and the natural environment to what we are experiencing in real time related to climate change, wildfire, and wildfire.

Owners, Lakeview Plumbing Co.   

How did we get to a place with more gated communities and fewer everyday-people housing options?

(Poor planning? Follow the $$$?)

We also think it would be interesting to [investigate] the rates of transport to TFHD vs. to Reno and get their perspective also … perhaps that’s public information too?


  • Becca Loux

    Becca Loux relocated to Truckee on a mission to tell stories that are fact-checked and data-driven without sacrificing the human element. She is an avid hiker, biker, skater, surfer, boarder, kayaker, sun-worshiper, and all other important "-ers" relating to the outdoors. Becca's wolfpack recently expanded to include a teenage husky named Koda.

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