In response to The Audit and the Pipeline

For Profit or Not?

Seeing the terms IVGID and “for-profit” linked together has always been confusing. A large revenue source for the general fund is “primarily supported by tax revenues distributed by Washoe County (property and sales tax), as well as funding provided via the Central Services Cost Allocation Plan.” There is not enough clarity in the budget numbers to conclude the golf courses and ski resort stand on their own in terms of profit, or where the Recreation Facility Fee, payed by each parcel, is allocated in the budget.

This becomes an important issue when board members take the position that the assets of the community are under-utilized and new capital projects are proposed to attract people from outside the community to “maximize the utilization of assets.” In what appears to be a charter, on the “About IVGID” webpage, is the statement: “Within the limits of the statutes, IVGID is empowered to determine what facilities and services it should offer that will preserve or enhance the general health, safety and welfare of the community.”


It would be helpful if “transparency” included defining whether IVGID’s governance derives from a Nevada statue as a “Not-for-Profit Government Agency” or a “For-Profit” charter statement with associated financials in support of that goal.

~ Al Cabito, Incline Village, via letter

IVGID Board Pitch and Clarification

My platform is as follows: I am a fiscal conservative. I am committed to fiscal transparency. I am committed to fixing long term problems that could affect the environment:

1. The leaking effluent pipeline (started leaking approximately 17 years ago)

2. The overflow effluent pond which has no liner; this is illegal and could affect the environment (an ongoing problem)

3. The leaking Burnt Cedar Pool (which has been leaking for many years, and is currently leaking 50,000 gallons per month, per IVGID Board Packet 8-12-20)

The good news is that the current board (which started in January of this year with a new member and new leadership) has started to make progress on these problems. Since one of the current board members is not running for reelection, I am hoping to win his seat.

I want to be part of the board to ensure that these problems are fixed.

~ Yolanda Knaak, Incline Village, via letter

In response to local election coverage

Stephens for Airport Board

I wish to increase the awareness that Rick Stephens has been an excellent community supporter [and] as a member of the airport board made innumerable contributions to the community.

The airport board supports our entire community during Rick’s first term on the board. Community expenditures by the airport have increased annually from approximately $300,000 in 2017 to approaching $1 million in 2020.

Rick’s support of community expenditures has been excellent and helped make North Tahoe a great community.

Even before he was on the airport board, he supported many nonprofits in the North Tahoe region. I encourage our voters to vote for Rick.

~ Michael Sabarese, Truckee, via letter

Lindsay with an ‘A’ for Council

To all the Fine Truckee Folk out there,

Please join me in voting for Lindsay Romack for Truckee Town Council (you may know her as Lindsay with an “A” from the radio!) We need her on the town council for the future of our community.

Linsday Romack is a rockstar. She is who we want leading Truckee. She has lived in the community for 16 years and genuinely cares about this town and its residents, businesses, and organizations. She will listen to the people, and advocate for what is best for the people. She has a longstanding history of leadership and activism, always jumping at the chance to help organize and participate in community events. Not to mention, her background working for Placer County gives her the experience in local government to know what it takes to get things done!

I honestly can’t say enough positive things about Lindsay. If you care about the future of Truckee, then vote for her! There is no better candidate. Vote Lindsay (with an “A”) Romack for Truckee Town Council. Do it.

Much love.

~ Marlena John, Truckee, via letter

Board Member Endorsement for Diamond

As many of you know, I have been on the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board for years, with the intention of keeping a community voice in the boardroom. The make-up of the board defines the culture of the District; the culture defines the priorities. I am supporting David Diamond as a candidate as I think he will bring new ideas and a balance to the board. He is a pilot with a community mindset. He is looking for win-win solutions. His focus is on the entire region, noise reduction, and rethinking of how property tax dollars are spent. Check out his website at to get more details.

Aircraft operations have increased by a factor of three over the last fifteen years. We need board members who are not only aware of this trend, but also are searching for ways to mitigate the effects of those overflights. David is that person and I feel honored to support him. This is my opinion and does not represent the opinion of the entire board.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for voting.

~ Mary Heatherington, Truckee, via letter

Aronson/Golden are the Ticket

I’m proud to endorse Ken Aronson and Leigh Golden for the seats on the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board. They are the best choice because not only are they very qualified, but they understand how important STEM programs are in our community. As a parent of two elementary school children, a Ph.D. scientist, and the executive director of Headwaters Science Institute, I know how paramount having STEM opportunities for students in our community is. We need this generation of students to be prepared for the ever-changing workforce continually that needs more people in math, technology, engineering, and science. We also need to prepare students to be citizens that understand the importance of critical thinking and scientific knowledge. I count on the airport to make hands-on STEM opportunities available in the Truckee/Tahoe area.

~ Megan Seifert, Truckee, via letter

My Friend Will Get the Job Done

My name is Christy Deysher Brumm, I am a local Realtor and I endorse Lindsay Romack for Truckee Town Council. I’ve known Lindsay the 16 years she has lived here and am fortunate she is one of my best friends. She is an extremely hard worker, a clear communicator, a great listener, and an exceptional human being. A devoted and active community member, Lindsay has long aspired to serve on the Truckee Town Council. She even required her first home to be in Nevada County.

As the morning show host for KTKE 101.5, Lindsay “with an A” developed broad community relationships and understanding of community issues from many perspectives. Lindsay understands the workforce struggles and challenges as she has been the ski bum working three jobs. Lindsay serves on the board of the Sierra Community House and the Mountain Housing Council.

She is committed to identifying and developing housing solutions and welcomes all to the conversation.

Previously serving on Olympic Valley’s Municipal Advisory Council during the Village Project, she proved adept at considering all viewpoints. She strived to find an outcome benefitting all as responsible global citizenship and local economy strength are important to her. She supports preserving open space, lowering emissions by increasing public transit, increasing trash receptacles/pickup, and increasing visitor education.

Experienced in the COVID-19 community health and economy dilemma through her current role as district director for Placer County Supervisor, she prioritizes community safety and keeping our economy open safely by following public health initiatives. Lindsay Romack has my vote for town council and hopefully yours!

~ Christy Deysher Brumm, Truckee, via letter

In response to Trouble on the Truckee

A River in Danger

“A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

On Saturday, Aug. 15, approximately 1,600 public rafters and 1,100 commercial rafters floated down the Truckee River between Tahoe City and River Ranch. There was little or no social distancing or wearing of facemasks; there was considerable consumption of alcohol, despite the extended alcohol ban. And there was certainly no monitoring or enforcement of such noncompliance. At COVID Island alone, hundreds of rafters congregated, despite signage requesting that they keep moving along. “No Alcohol”? “No Stopping”!? Who cares?? There’s no enforcement.

As a private property owner on the river, I experience noise, pollution, [and] people relieving themselves on my property (and adjacent property) on a daily basis. However, Aug. 15 was like no other day I have experienced in 74 years, including past 4th of Julys, with several trespassers and a call to one of the commercial rafting companies who arrived with a Placer County sheriff.

People out for a peaceful walk or float along the river with their families and dogs are now displaced by persons coming out of the 64 acres, setting up picnics and camps along the shoreline, denuding the natural vegetation and partying with ghetto blasters, screaming children, and barking dogs on dusty river banks.

While the commercial rafting companies certainly enhance the coffers of Placer County and attempt to maintain some environmental commitment, the public rafters don’t. The majority of them are rafting the river on recently purchased pool toys, many of which are disabled upon entering the rapids, then discarded on the banks to be picked up by someone else. They bring little or no economic benefits to the local community and only serve to stretch emergency services beyond their capabilities to enforce rules and serve the rest of the community.

This situation is not sustainable or amenable on so many levels and is leading to further deterioration and possible ruin of a precious recreational convenience.

I have no definitive answer to the problem, but something certainly needs to be done. I suggest that local agencies such as TCPUD, the resort association, and Placer County address the issue and develop a reasonable plan to immediately limit and control the misuse of this treasure.

~ Paul Patton, Truckee, via letter


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