Winter is almost upon us. For some, that’s great — snow and cold weather and lots and lots of skiing/snowboarding. For others (author included), it’s a time to mourn and ponder the past days of warmth. This month’s question focuses on your dream location during snow season, no obstacle of money or location considered. Some gravitate to sun; others clearly live in their element, happy to stick with snow.



Employee at The Station

Peru. I did my graduate degree there and there are a lot of cultural resources.


Communications director at Truckee Donner Land Trust

Somewhere on the coast. Probably Santa Cruz. I grew up running around the redwoods. I’m nostalgic for the Santa Cruz mountains.

DRE FISHMAN, Carnelian Bay

IT analyst at investment firm

Peru because I want to watch the full moon from the Temple of the Moon.


Civil engineer at Farr West Engineering

Mt. Rose is south of Reno, right? I would just go to Rose and ski all the time.

NIKKI PRICE, Sierra Meadows

Barista at Cornerstone Bakery

I would go to New Zealand. The food and wine, culture, and just the overall beauty of the place.


  • Alex Hoeft

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