There is a war happening in the world of information. Players range from local newspapers all the way up to the likes of the Walt Disney Corporation and federal oversight agencies with consolidation being the name of the game today. For example, thanks to the help of Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC, the Trump Administration was able to re-open a loophole allowing the Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation to acquire 42 new television stations through Tribune Media, giving them the ability to reach nearly 70 percent of American households. Here at Moonshine Ink we care about the independence and integrity of information, and so we went out to ask: where do you get your national and local news?



I usually watch TV and the news when I get ready — or social media, a lot through social media. When I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see a video I’ll watch it, or if an interesting headline catches my attention I’ll read that, and it’ll take me to other interesting articles. Locally speaking, I moved up here from Sacramento two months ago and I’d use the Sac Bee or watch KCRA while living there.

Photos by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink


Real estate appraiser

I get my news from NPR and PBS Newshour. I like PBS Newshour because I feel they’re unbiased and stick to the facts. I don’t check a lot of local news, I mean I’ll read Moonshine Ink occasionally, or, I’ll check, like, Open Snow for snow news, but that’s about it.

JONG LEE, Sacramento

Real estate appraiser

I’m not a local, I’m from Sacramento, but … nationally I check, Fox News, KCRA, mostly online. I don’t usually check local news, sometimes I’ll see things come up on Yahoo, or things like that, but never really look into it.


Owner, Zuri Coffee House

You should have asked my husband, he watches it all the time! I pick up on it a little bit, but I’m not that much into news. If I have to watch it, I choose CNN, it’s easy to throw on the TV.



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