“When a system is put under pressure, it must evolve or falter,” Sage Sauerbrey begins his story. I think this a perfect inspiration for the evolution of our community.

Recently, our publisher Mayumi and I attended the Restorative Arts and Yoga Fest. In the finding balance workshop we learned how to “dig down” in order to extend and that well-grounded feet allow you to stretch your arms further toward the sky.

When we plant our feet, our outstretched arms reap the benefits. Our bodies become our community and the self can expand freely because of that basis of support. If we are off-balance, or under pressure, just as the quote suggests, the other elements must evolve for continued success; the feet must support the arms in varying ways.


In that same way, nothing can be done by an individual — be it a microcosm of yogis, or a group of small towns at the basin of a big lake in the middle of the Sierra Nevada — without support of the surrounding community.

As you pick up this edition, which features our newly launched Shop Local page, you may also notice Tahoe Summer Lovin’ (our know-it-all guide to Tahoe summers). Putting together these two community-oriented publications allows Moonshine to be the foundation, or “feet,” to help you explore your own community.

In this June edition, you will find many facets of our community — longtime local Robin of Coffee Connexion; a resilient fish in Kings Beach; a group working to share organic gardening with residents. My hope is that through seeing how these folks give back, you will learn more about why community is essential.

We even share why challenges like traffic benefit our community in the long run. In Fighting Fire with Fire, it takes a community to tame the threat of forest fires, and it even takes a group effort to re-establish debatably extinct fish.

In these changing times, when key aspects like buying local are critical to the community, but affordability of resources make this inaccessible to many individuals, a challenge then exists. In times of challenge, we can either evolve or falter.


  • Le'a Gleason

    LE‘A GLEASON, a recent transplant from the Big Island of Hawai‘i, has happily transitioned from teaching yoga in the rainforest to driving powerboats, biking with bears, and learning how to fall gracefully on skis. She is passionate about writing and editing, as a means to share and connect with people, and thankful to be on the Moonshine team.

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