In response to opinion piece, We Need Later Start Times

Hardship for Parents

I do not think elementary school working parents should take on the burden of paying for even more before-school care than they do right now, so high schoolers can sleep 30 minutes longer. Unless the district will front the bill for this (really?! elementary school start time will be at 9:30 a.m.?!?!) added expense, or retool their transportation bus routes so elementary school kids aren’t affected, this whole initiative places unassociated burden to parents of younger children, specifically parents who have jobs and need to report to work before 10 a.m.!!!!!!

~ Itap1926, Truckee, via website


In Response to A Rising Tahoe Tide Lifts All

This Makes Me So Happy

This makes me so happy. Thanks @moonshineink for supporting and covering your local businesses 🙂 This is the stuff we want to read!!!!

~ @tine6848, via Instagram


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