Favorite Local Public Art


The Truckee/Tahoe area has a nice variety of works of art and creative design elements to be seen by passersby. Whether provided by citizens, businesses or municipalities – from small details on buildings to large-scale art installations – there’s plenty to spice up your view if you go looking for it, or just happen to notice.

The #DoTell question of March is: “What are your favorite local public works of artistic creativity?”

Local business owner (California 89, California 89 Home)


I’ve taken many pictures for people of them in front of the retro skier mural on the east side of the California 89 building in downtown Truckee. That mural, plus the “Welcome to Truckee” mural on the side of the Truckee post office and the metal “Symphony” sculpture in downtown Truckee.

Family-safe shopping app developer (Ketshop)

Mural of Lake Tahoe painted on the ground of the East Shore Trail at Hidden Beach Plaza. The kids love to find where they live on the lake and stand on it. Also a house in KB that has stained glass windows and a tree stump carved with nice latticework, and the roundabout sculptures, especially the ants in Truckee and the silver, wavy sphere in Kings Beach.

JAY SANAVAGE, Sierra Meadows
Lift technician

A fence made of skis in Truckee and any other artistic upcycling of otherwise end-of-life items.

(Ted note: Jay Sanavage has his own wind-reactive hanging sculpture, a “mobile” of sorts, of ski poles in his front yard tree near the street, easily viewable to the public.)

CADEN HANSEN, Incline Village
Local Tahoe powder cowboy

Traditional Washoe galais dungals — cone-shaped winter houses. One in front of Incline Village Visitors Center, and one just past Tahoe City.

Fitness instructor

Whenever I visit Truckee, I often enjoy seeing a certain storefront window display on the main strip in downtown Truckee when it’s showing ceramics (sometimes by Diana Fayt) with an organic, unfinished type of appearance, resembling or feeling like nature.


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