Over 100 social media users weighed in on this one, yet nothing approaching consensus has been reached. When dogs are a key demographic, wandering through a playground of mountains and meadows for possible free-range canine-human companionship, dogs’ human pals have much to debate about the best ways to keep everyone safe and happy. Let’s hear what the community has to say.

KAREN WITT, Donner Lake
Ski Instructor, Achieve Tahoe

It so depends on the dog. It’s hard to make a blanket rule fair, and really, I’d say it comes down to how the mama and papa of the dogs are trained.


Stay-at-home mom, horseback riding instructor, trail guide

It’s Tahoe. Off-leash for sure but you’re responsible if your dog does something bad.


Ski school supervisor, Alpine Meadows; manager, Sand Harbor Rentals

If they’re well-trained, let them free! A lot of people need to be leashed and have someone responsible accompanying them.

TONI EGAN, Soda Springs
Retired teacher

Off-leash is okay when in snow and away from people. Even more important is picking up their poop; I once heard someone telling their friends they weren’t going
to pick it up in the middle of the street. They just put a little snow on it … and it was a sunny day!

Executive dean/psychology professor, Sierra College (Tahoe-Truckee Campus)

Yes … dogs are less aggressive when they can greet without the anxiety of an owner tugging on their leash. It also resonates with the ethos of this wild place. We are all over-domesticated, and leashing dogs would further exacerbate that problem.


  • Becca Loux

    Becca Loux relocated to Truckee on a mission to tell stories that are fact-checked and data-driven without sacrificing the human element. She is an avid hiker, biker, skater, surfer, boarder, kayaker, sun-worshiper, and all other important "-ers" relating to the outdoors. Becca's wolfpack recently expanded to include a teenage husky named Koda.

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