Ever thought you were alone, but the chill down your spine begged otherwise?

Ever told yourself the noises in your house at night are just the walls “settling”?

This month’s Do Tell is here to ask if these are all lies you tell yourself to sleep better at night. The real culprit? GHOSTS. (See more here.)


We’re not talking your annoying brother throwing a sheet over his head and wailing, we’re talking apparitions. We’re talking the cold spot you pass through in a room. We’re talking the fuzzy splotch moving on video or caught on camera. If only these ghosts were as innocent and solid as your sibling. But today, tonight, they’re not.

We’re talking spooky, sneaky, startling, shiver-inducing ghosts. BOO!


Server, Moody’s Bar & Bistro

I would like to believe in some sort of spirit. Not necessarily ghosts that haunt you, but some sort of spirits or at least something. We go somewhere after we die. Nothing too crazy.


Interpretive specialist,
Donner Memorial State Park

I don’t disbelieve for sure that there’s no such thing, but I’ve never seen anything that makes me believe for sure that there are such things.


Park aide, Donner Memorial State Park

I believe in ghosts because I have had experiences personally, not with apparitions or spirits, with situations. Like something that should be plugged in that isn’t plugged in and makes noise, that shows the time that my father-in-law passed. And it’s ticking, but it’s not plugged into the wall. I feel like his spirit or his ghost is there.

CHRISTINA BOWERS, Prosser (but most of the ghosts were at her house on East River Street)

Owner, Sacred Salon

Yes, because I have seen them. I saw them at the old salon I used to work at that isn’t there anymore but is upstairs from Pianeta. I heard so many stories of ghosts being seen down in Pianeta’s kitchen, and that there’s some sort of secret tunnel under there where there’s a lot of ghosts. And I had ghosts in my house down by the river … I’ve seen and felt them.


Salesperson, Lorien Powers Studio Jewelry

Yes, I do believe in ghosts. I don’t really have a good reason other than I lived in a lot of old houses growing up, really old houses in the South, and sometimes I’d feel like there was a presence.


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