I love living in Tahoe. There is plenty of open space and trails. Fun rivers, creeks, reservoirs, and lakes are everywhere. Winter snow to play in. It’s like dog heaven. Can it get any better? Dog parks have recently been added in Tahoe Vista and Tahoe City. I get a great place to socialize off-leash. You get to feel like the best dog owner ever while you sip coffee and look good in your bigtruck hat. This month I got to ask some of my favorite local animals to address a pressing issue: Do we need more dog parks? What do you think about this?

Delroy Wilson, Truckee


Pest control

Dog Park! Whatever cat nip those dogs have gotten into, I want some. This place is really going downhill. Do you know that they give away dog poop bags all over Truckee? Paid for by my tax dollars! They’re not giving away cat litter. Nobody’s talking about building a cat park. What we really need is a giant scratching post downtown. That would be my basecamp for a big life. I’d probably still scratch the furniture.

Photos by Olive Brown and friends/Moonshine Ink

Evel, Truckee

Mascot, Redlight Historic Hotel and Speakeasy

I love the idea of a dog park in Truckee. I love tiny Wiener dogs, and chihuahuas too. I am always looking for a place to picnic.

Camouflagey, Tahoe City

Cricket enthusiast, preschool entertainer, and sticky wall sleeper

Crickets. That’s what moves the needle for me. For every square foot of that dog park, set aside an equal amount of cricket habitat to preserve for future generations to enjoy. Talk to the land trust. They’d be all about it.

Fluffy, Truckee


I heard Squaw was building a hamster wheel in the village. They want to attract more hamsters and guinea pigs year-round. Maybe it was a roller coaster. I don’t know. I have a really short attention span. I would be totally in favor of that. The hamster wheel, of course.

Victoria and Duke, Truckee


Hmm … dog parks? That’s cool … well, we’re pretty focused on our new business idea: hypo-allergenic, flame-resistant, water-resistant alpaca fleece jackets, in a variety of natural colors. We’re gonna set up a shave-’n’-wear station at the base of Sugar Bowl, where you can have warmth straight from our backs to yours.



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