Do Tell: Your Take on AI


As technology advances, so do the tools humans use to work and operate in their professional and personal lives. Is the advancement of technology always a good thing, or can it result in the devolution of human creativity? With artificial intelligence progressing at a rapid rate, we wanted to know what community members think of AI. (Read about Moonshine’s new AI policy here.)

This month’s question is: Do you utilize AI? What impacts do you think AI will have on society over time?

Gateway Mountain Center

I’ve used AI to tailor my résumé with keywords and to help write cover letters. I’ve challenged ChatGPT by asking for jokes about different religious groups and races to test its biases. ChatGPT will provide jokes about some religious groups but not others, and the same is true with racial jokes. ChatGPT admits it is biased, according to training data, and the way it’s programmed to interpret data. So, if people rely on AI over time, we are likely to inherit these AI biases.


Founder of Sunshine Tahoe

I utilize AI about 10% of the time right now. Every month I am encouraged to use it more and more. I will play with AI and try it out, but it’s not always educational. So, I just ask
AI questions to see what the response is, but I would rather have more information on the source before I actually utilize it. I think we will initially lose some creativity through using AI, but then later on we will evolve into an even more creative environment because I think people will want to outsmart AI.

BREE JOHNS, Glenshire
Tahoe City Library

I personally don’t use it much. I use Grammarly to help edit my writing to make sure things are grammatically correct, especially in emails. I have used ChatGPT to consolidate and help me summarize a book in one sentence, which I found very helpful. My husband uses AI more frequently to help him rewrite technical language into more common language with more simple terminology. As a librarian, the thought of AI writing a book without the human expression is scary and heartbreaking. I think AI will help us with some daily chores, but will likely take away our creativity.

Coffeebar, East Truckee

I utilize AI solely for language learning purposes, to create lesson plans and to help myself learn grammar, specifically with Japanese and Spanish. I find it extremely helpful in these aspects. I think AI could be dangerous for society in terms of creativity and art. AI has the potential to negatively impact society by putting artists out of jobs, as people could utilize AI instead of paying artists to do the work.

Martis Camp Foundation

I do not utilize AI at the moment because I don’t understand how to use it. I don’t know where all the information comes from, so I don’t know if the information is even true and factual. I feel like AI would just turn my brain off and I don’t want to turn my brain off. I think AI could make us lazier, and I think it could have a negative impact on society by limiting human contact and by providing false information.


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