Do Tell: Your Local Grocery Store Preference


Food shopping is a major ongoing task we all face on a weekly basis. When it comes to local grocery stores, there are of course multiple
options to choose from with a variety of pros and cons. So, we wanted to explore which grocery store(s) you frequent, and for what items.    

This month’s question is:
Where do you go to do your grocery shopping and why?




Michael Murray, Truckee
Founder/owner of Hen of the Woods

I primarily shop at Grocery Outlet for dried goods, spices, oils, pantry items, etc. I shop New Moon for cheeses, cured meats, all produce, and esoteric wines, often Raley’s for other needed items. When cooking Latin American inspired food I’ll go to Mi Pueblito Market for homemade salsas, dried peppers, and Mexican cheeses and spices.   

Janene Spencer, Prosser
Mountain Comfort Furnishings & Design

Mostly Grocery Outlet, Safeway, New Moon, and Raley’s, all depends on what I’m looking for. New Moon has raw milk, Raley’s has pastured organic eggs, Grocery Outlet is cheap, convenient, and good for basic simple things, sometimes produce at Safeway. Most of our meat is from either my husband’s elk hunting, a ranch in Gardnerville, or Costco.

Jesse Little, Norden
Groomer at Donner Ski Ranch

I get meats like steaks and chicken from Mi Pueblito Market along with candies and tortillas, and then at Grocery Outlet I’ll buy whatever is on sale. Save Mart for the rest of it. Every once in a while I’ll go into Safeway, but I usually avoid Safeway.

Kelli Morrison, Glenshire
Mountain Kids/Echo Blue   

I love to shop and support New Moon where I go every day for a Wonder beverage and items I don’t want to drive far for. Else, Raley’s and Reno mostly. Raley’s is great for lunch, dinners; meets my food sensitivities, convenient, uncrowded. Whole Foods for vitamins and produce, Trader Joe’s is great for frozen foods for family dinners of five; Costco for items like dishwasher detergents, frozen goods, snacks, and beverages.

Jake Koffman, Tahoe Donner
Ski/board instructor at Sugar Bowl

I pretty much exclusively go to Grocery Outlet. The only other store I go to is Safeway and that’s only if I’m getting a ride with someone who’s already going there. I’ve been in a lazy mood recently so I typically just get things that are easy to cook, like quesadillas, bag salad, or whatever is on sale at Grocery Outlet.


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