Do Tell: Do You Use Public Transportation?


Public transportation is not for everyone. This month we asked the community to share ideas for ways of improving our local bus, on-demand shuttle service, and train systems, and what it would take for more people to begin using public transportation.

This month’s question is: Do you use public transportation? If yes, how can the system be improved? If not, what would it take for you to use it?




Jared Gur, Truckee
Construction laborer

My mom and friends use it regularly. Public transport for free is a good thing to have, but the waits are long, so wait time could be made shorter. I would use it if I lost my car.   

Chase Vankirk, Reno/Truckee
Truckee Donner Recreation Park District

I have used the Truckee Thursday shuttles. I would use public transportation if it was more convenient with more drop-off locations. TDRPD offers shuttles to the West End Beach on July 4, which is awesome, so more holiday shuttles when people aren’t sober could be helpful. I use Lift and Uber in Reno, so bringing that up to Truckee could be an improvement.

Bryan Lynch, Sunnyside

I use public transportation occasionally. I would use it more frequently if it came around more often and if there were designated lanes to get us places faster, and to help us avoid the winter traffic. I’d like to see fancier buses or double-decker buses like the ones in London.

Jose Armenta, Los Angeles
Off-loader of furniture for offices

I use public transportation in LA sometimes. I think improvement would be making it cheaper, at least for students and elderly people. I’d use it more if there were more options in the mornings for getting to work, and if transportation could guarantee getting people to work on time.

Rachel Fritz, Gold Run
Arbor Tahoe, Truckee

I would use public transportation to the resorts as a means of avoiding traffic and parking. If I could use it to get to work from over Donner Summit, I’d consider using it to save gas. I know people who get stuck in downtown Truckee because they can’t get back to Kings Beach during a winter storm, so that could definitely be improved.


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