Do Tell: Best Local Fries


French fries are as American as apple pie, and even more ubiquitous. Who doesn’t enjoy a good basket of the crunchy taters from time to time? But not all fries are created equal. When it comes to this staple of the American diet, some people yearn for crispy, others seasoned, and for many, it’s about both.

This month’s question is: What qualities and characteristics make up the best French fries, and where do you find your favorite?




Danielle Segal, Tahoe City
North Tahoe Middle School Social Worker 

They should be crunchy but soft in the middle. To be honest, I think you need to go to Reno for the best fries. Tahoe needs to bump up their food game.     

Caz Bernhard, Truckee
Tahoe Dave’s, Truckee

It’s gotta be crispy. A floppy fry is a sad fry. It’s gotta be seasoned right, gotta have the salt. What’s very underrated is the black pepper. Gotta load the back pepper to give it a bite! Blue Coyote makes the best fries in town, they also do good garlic fries and have Parmesan to add on. Jax on the Tracks is also pretty good.

Jaime Legare, Tahoe Donner
Mountain Brew 

For regular French fries, the best quality is being crispy. The best French fries in town are sweet potato fries at The Lodge in Tahoe Donner. French fries should be skinny. I am not a huge fat-fry fan or wedge-fry fan. Most people prefer longer French fries because they can dip them in their favorite sauce. I usually like fries with a little bit of salt on them.

Syrus Wheeler, Tahoe Donner
Cashier, Truckee Chevron   

I like French fries that are crunchy and brown on the outside. Zano’s makes good fries. I like it when they keep the potato skin on the fries and when they’re seasoned with more than just salt and pepper. It’s also good to have a variety of quality sauces. The best fries are fresh and have the skin still on. Bar of America has some good fries. Fast food places have sad fries.

Doc Suess, Glenshire
Ski School Trainer and Instructor, Sugar Bowl

The best qualities of a French fry would be presentation, smell, crispness, and flavor. That’s a good fry! It’s all about the grease. Like donuts, you got to have both long and short chain molecules in the grease so you get the right penetration of grease as a long chained molecule around the fry doesn’t penetrate too much and cooks it very well. For me, the best fries around town are at Blue Coyote and Jax on the Tracks. I’d say Blue Coyote is my favorite as it has good people, especially the owners.


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