Steven Blake, DavisRetired Lawyer
I live in another high-cost town so I don’t feel the difference. But the gas is really expensive up here.’
Deb Safford, TruckeeNurse
I got a degree, so I have a job at least. But I still do all of my shopping in Reno — gas, food, clothes, everything.
Michael Byxbe, Truckee’Underemployed’
I spend less nights going out for dinner. But I also try to shop locally.
Jim Self, TruckeeGrocery Merchandiser
Well, I usually shop when I am down the hill. You stretch the dollars as much as you can, you know?
Leanna Jacuzzi, TruckeeTeacher Sierra College • Owner RD Detox
I try to shop in Reno as much as possible, but we really want to stay local. And we have a garden. That helps, too.



  • Moonshine Ink Staff

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