In response to Religious Doesn’t Equal Republican

Thanks for your insightful editorial in the 8 October issue of Moonshine Ink. Polarization around social, political, and religious issues threatens one of America’s most important foundational precepts: the separation of church and state. It’s hard enough to choose between only two impactful parties without having also to choose between religious dogma and personal fidelity. Issues are complicated and there a lot of them. Nuanced analysis is not popular in America but we need to bring it back. No party can please all of the people all of the time, so we have to make choices. Keep up the good work.

~ Rick Tavan, Truckee, via letter


In response to Sustainable Investing: Forging Our Way to A Better Future by John Manocchio

Long-Time Sustainable Investor

I have been investing sustainably for years. It’s my deepest value personally and the investments have done well enough “financially.” It’s an investment that transcends money itself.

~ Susi Lippuner, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to election coverage, national elections

In Defense of the Electoral College

Our Founding Fathers in their wisdom created the Electoral College to protect against mob rule through popular vote. Hitler was elected by popular vote. Enough said!!

However, because the number of EC votes a state contributes to presidential elections is still based on population, the more populated states still hold the less populated states hostage. This needs to change.

Just as each state has two U.S. Senators [regardless] of population, so it is that the EC votes each state has should only be two.

That would make a state like Montana as powerful as a state like California. That would ensure that a predominantly left-wing state like California can’t make a predominantly right-wing state like Montana irrelevant. 

With only two EC votes per state it would take 51 EC votes to win the election, a simple and common majority. This would allow small population states real power in choosing a POTUS.

Remember, the EC was created when 95% of Americans lived agrarian lives, and the number of states in 1804 was only 17, and the U.S. population then was only 5.3 million, 900,000 of whom were enslaved people who couldn’t vote, so it wasn’t perceived back then that any state could become so massively populated that its number of EC votes could end up making other states irrelevant regarding EC votes.

The Dems want to eliminate the EC because they know that would turn America into a one-party country like all dictatorships are, so we must keep the EC in an effort to thwart that. However, as I’ve laid out above, the EC needs to be revamped so that each state has the same number of EC votes which would be a strong defense against a one-party country.

~ Jeff Middlebrook, Truckee, via letter

Candidate Gratitude

Thanks for the important coverage of our local elections!

~ Lindsay Romack, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to coverage of trash in our lakes (like Trash Talk from the Sept. 2019 issue and Why Can’t Tahoe Solve the Trash Issue? in this year’s Sept. issue)

Microplastics Research in the Region

My name is Luca J. Tagliapietra and I am the director of BabuHawaii Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit entity based in Honolulu, Hawaii and Truckee, California which is involved in scientific research concerning environmental issues such as microplastic pollution and endangered species.

In the past two years, BabuHawaii Foundation ( focused its research on finding a solution to identify microplastic particles in water samples and in all processes involving possible human ingestion and contamination, which can affect human health, leading eventually to cancer and tumors (according to the World Health Organization).

The research paper on the microplastics identification was invited, accepted, and published by the international peer-reviewed journal Instruments, in Basel, Switzerland, whose editor-in-chief is Professor Antonio Ereditato of Albert Einstein Physic Institute of Bern, Switzerland.

Here is the link to the publication: 

This new research paper could be a revolution in the food and drink industry, as you can imagine, and it was possible thanks to an amazing team composed by former CERN physicists (European Center of Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland and biologists from the Truckee Meadows college.

Our team feels the importance in sharing our findings with you and with our community members, and we would like to say thank you to all of them and let them know that 50% of research has been designed at Donner Lake and Kona, Hawaii.

~ Luca Tagliapietra, Truckee and Honolulu, via letter

In response to online exclusive A Recalibration of Visitor Numbers

Digging Through the Sh*t

Way to literally dig through the [poop emoji]. The reality is these agencies have very unreliable data that they base decisions on and present as facts. Now at least some are willing to admit the “calibration errors” once it’s actually questioned.

~ Chris Gallagher, Tahoe City, via Facebook


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