We live in a small-town community, but we are a pretty techy bunch, and unless we are journeying in the depths of wilderness, we are about as glued to our gadgets as any urbanite.

But unlike in the big city, one can easily run into the person we just blasted on the Tahoe/Truckee people Facebook page for their cockeyed parking job, or will likely know the person who is debating on Twitter about the latest ski resort expansion.  

Therefore, an interesting dynamic is created when the veil of anonymity so infamous on the Internet drops in a place like Tahoe. We love our tight-knit nature but have strong differences of opinion, and aren’t afraid to engage in a heated discussion, nor should we be. Part of the inspiration for this month’s sports feature (here) came from seeing debates on the web after Placer County’s planning commission decision in August to approve the proposed Squaw Valley development (update here). Hopefully, those online debates are matched by in-person follow-ups.


The Internet has been around long enough for us to know its strengths, and those same years have revitalized the value of a face-to-face chat. I would encourage more of the latter as the Internet can be seen as taking over as the de facto form of discussion. And while it may contain a smudge of hypocrisy to even be writing (vs. speaking) such encouragement, we here in the media world hope the printed word still holds a special voice of reasoning.

That we can take a minute at the post office or coffee shop to talk with a friend, acquaintance, or stranger on the common Tahoe issues is one of our region’s greatest positives (get some fodder for your opinion on a water district being sold to another private entity here, or the closing of the district attorney’s investigation into the former Tahoe Forest Hospital CEO here). The Internet serves as an indispensable platform to reach people who would otherwise never hear those two cents, but in-person conversation is becoming a lost art. Here in Tahoe, we have a chance to boost our experiences in face-time (and I’m not talking about Steve Jobs’ version). Plus, they say everyone’s so mellow and friendly in Tahoe anyway, so what could go wrong?


  • Dave Zook

    Dave Zook has been aiming to turn interests in outdoor activities like snowboarding and surfing into a professional endeavor for quite some time. He is elated to be writing and editing for Moonshine Ink and still have time to explore the ample offerings of the Sierra.

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