In response to opinion piece Rep. McClintock’s Dubious ‘Plan’ to Address Climate Change

Anti-Global Warming Hysterics

If someone who is not a scientist makes false statements either out of ignorance or deliberate intent, one can chalk that up to understandable given the source, but when a scientist like Dr. Beyer makes false claims that’s inexcusable.

Since 1880 there has been only 1.4 degrees F in global atmospheric temperature rise, and the best physics shows that only about 18% of that (or roughly 0.25F) is due to anthropogenic CO2. Dr. Beyer made the patently false statement that there’s been 2F in rise. Not a great discrepancy but it casts doubt on his grasp of the science.


In addition, he claims that we can go 100% noncarbon energy, and that is a major falsehood. If I could have more than 200 words to prove this fact I would.

He claims to have no financial interests in his position, yet he impugns the integrity of those who disagree with him, suggesting they have ulterior motives. The typical ad hominem attacks from the AGW hysterics!!

~ Jeff Middlebrook, Invention Dynamics Inc., Truckee, via letter

Thanks to Squaw Valley

I want to thank Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows for endorsing the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act ( It is courageous for a corporation that makes its money selling lift tickets to people from across the political spectrum to take a stand on climate change by endorsing a piece of legislation. Climate change is already inflicting its damage on our area in the form of more frequent wildfires, longer droughts, higher elevation snow levels, and shallower snowpack; and these effects are likely to get worse in the near term.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has taken action that will have a positive long-term effect on our community and the world at large. As beneficial as their decision is for the future of our community and beyond, Squaw Alpine is a for-profit corporation, which means they have calculated the costs of transitioning to renewables against the ill effects of climate change on their operations and come to the conclusion that supporting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is good for their bottom line. I believe those of us without an army of accountants at our disposal should follow the lead of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows on this and get behind the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act as well. Your business or job may not directly depend on the snow, but if you live in this area, your future and the future of our community is at stake.

~ Matt Tucker, Truckee, member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby North Tahoe Chapter, via letter

A New Cemetery in Prosser Heights

A company called Better Place Forests,, is currently trying to obtain a use permit for a for-profit cemetery on Lockwood Drive in Truckee. They only notify residents that live within 500 feet of the property that they are applying, so literally nobody in Prosser Heights knows about this — and everyone will be effected since we have just one outlet in our neighborhood.

Their plan:

• A visitor building, 12 parking spaces, walking trails

• Two to three processions per day in the daytime only (about 30 people per day).

• Visitors have to make an appointment, meet at a Better Place Forests office in downtown Truckee, and be escorted up to the property in a procession line.

• Visitations could occur on any day of the week (the facility would be closed during the winter).   

The Truckee municipal code states that use permits will only be issued if the project meets existing land uses and if there is no threat to the welfare of the town or surrounding properties.

Prosser Heights does not have any existing commercial operations, cemeteries, or anything of the like. Increased traffic in the form of what could be a 12-car procession line two to three times a day would be burdensome and dangerous by clogging our roads. The properties in proximity to a cemetery will lose 12% in value on average according to a study by and would drag down real estate comps for our entire neighborhood. The Town of Truckee would also suffer from reduced property taxes because the cemetery would be established as an “environmental easement,” which is intentionally designed to reduce property values for tax purposes.

Better Place must have a public hearing with the planning commission in order to get the use permit. The date for the hearing has not been set. Contact Kirk Skierski at the town planning department to be notified of the hearing date and time: or phone (530) 582-2927.

~ Julie Gibbs, via letter


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