All Those Campaign Signs


Now that the November election season has arrived, campaign signs for both candidates and ballot measures are punctuating our field of view in the area.

The Do Tell question of October is: “When have you noticed that campaign signs have influenced your vote or anyone else’s vote?”




Kyle Humason, Truckee
Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol

Those road signs influence me to advance my awareness of the candidates’ platforms and what they stand for, and especially those candidates who I’m not familiar with. I think a sign is mostly an awareness; it doesn’t necessarily persuade my vote.

Karen Madding, Kings Beach
Flight attendant

It doesn’t influence me at all.


Alex Hoeft, Reno
Moonshine Ink reporter

I don’t love the clutter of campaign signs, but I’ve certainly been persuaded by them. Each time I drive, walk, or jog past a sign is a nudge for me to research the candidate or measure. Usually by the fifth time I’ve seen the sign is when I’ll actually sit down and look into things.

Alex Tolger, Tahoe City
Moustache Man

Absolutely no decision, but it definitely looks like a lot of trash on the side of the road.


Jackie Patterson, Truckee
Writer and avid outdoors person

I think the campaign sign doesn’t persuade me about the candidate; I’ve already made up my own mind about that. It might give me information about the person who posts that sign in the yard, so if I see a certain candidate that I dislike, then it may not reflect as well on that person, seeing the sign in their yard.


  • Ted Coakley III

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