In response to Plane and Clear by Mayumi Elegado and Alex Hoeft

Keep Your Money

To directly impact every single property owner within the airport sphere, why not significantly lower the airport tax and let the folks who earned that money spend it as they see fit, instead of being forced under penalty of law to fork it over to a third party to spend the money as they see fit?


~ Ralph Cutter, Graeagle, via Facebook

Community Benefit Isn’t a Problem (Direct Response to the Previous Letter)

I’d much rather see the district take fees from plane owners/pilots to compensate for the noise, pollution, and impact they make, and for their use of airport services. [They should] use those monies to improve the community that is affected.

The people who “earned that money” are spending it as they see fit, [by] flying airplanes to Truckee and using Truckee’s airport when they want to, for their pleasure. Nobody is making them fly to Truckee and land at the airport.

And they are not forking it over to “a third party.” They are paying it to the board, elected by the residents of the community. As long as it is used to benefit the community, there’s not a problem.

~ Judy Zach, Glenshire, via Facebook

In response to My Shot Setting the Record Straight by Jeff Hentz and Andy Chapman

If these organizations are going to presume to “take credit” for all $800 million in revenue generated by Tourists (seems a little unrealistic!), all TOT tax revenue etc., etc., you must also take responsibility for the tourism disaster that we have seen this past year (the wall of tourists packing our beaches, the parking lots of traffic on our few roads, so much graffiti and litter, the empty shelves at grocery stores, the increased number of people who have been sick or even died from COVID in this community, etc., etc.).

NLTRA is completely out of touch with current trends in tourism for ecologically sensitive areas like ours, where there are huge efforts all over the world to actually “limit” numbers of visitors, and has no sensitivity to the impacts that over-tourism has had on the local community. The single focus on “more is better” (more people, more money) is short-sighted and dangerous; it is destroying the quality of life for the people who live here and our natural environment. It is destroying the thing that you are promoting!

Rather than tell us how much money you have made for the local economy, how about you tell us this: What did you do to help promote/enforce the stay-at-home order during the pandemic? Did you do anything to stop people from staying in Airbnbs while lodging was technically closed to non-essential visitors? What messaging did you put out while there were massive wildfires burning within ember-range of Truckee? How have you helped “clean up” the lake? I recall there is a volunteer organization who does this. Have you provided funding support to it?

I cannot imagine myself or anyone in this community paying more in taxes to NLTRA, while absorbing any more of the risk that this organization poses to us. Taxes should be used for public good, not for increasing the health and safety risk on this community.

~ Cheri Sugal, Kings Beach via

In response to Withering on the Vine by Melissa Siig

Why Not a Gradual Approach?

I’m interested to see how long the classrooms stay open this time around, especially with the new highly contagious variant(s) that are circulating now. While you can isolate and contact-trace single classroom cohorts in elementary schools, good luck doing that with the middle and high schoolers since they rotate periods. Why bring back all grade levels at once?! Get the little ones back in since they are the safest group to manage.

~ Lauren Tapia, Truckee, via Facebook

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