In response to online exclusive Women’s March, a Platform for Local Activists

I Saw the Sign

Girlcotting is the best thing I’ve heard in a while!

~ Darren Campbell, Squaw Valley, via Instagram

In response to What’s Going on With the Truckee Art Haus & Cinema?

A Performing Arts Center We Should Support

I can’t remember the details, but I believe the NLTRA funded a region-wide arts study which addressed the issue of size of performing arts centers. If I remember correctly, the study encouraged multiple smaller scale, and intimate, performing art centers. I think we should be supporting this one, and I thought the building design is appropriate for the use and likely affordability is a factor. Please join me in asking the town to waive and/or dramatically reduce the impact fees for this community-minded project.


~ Carla Beebe, Truckee, via Facebook

Doesn’t Fit Town Character

Oh, I thought it was on hold because the renderings look like something out of Stockton or Los Banos (no pun intended), and nothing like the beautiful, historical architectural integrity of downtown Truckee.

~ Todd Braden, Truckee, via Facebook

In response to The Roll of the Cremello Stallion

Attention to the Plight of Wild Horses

Thank you for the wonderfully written Parting Shot featuring the wild horses of the Onaqui range.

There is much debate now over land use in Nevada and the wild horses are unfortunately, quite literally, losing their ground. It is commonly said that the wild horses are starving and suffering, but this is not the case 90% of the time.

Their fate at the hands of the BLM will, however, end in death. Pieces such as this will hopefully make more people aware of their plight and work toward finding a solution to shared land use. Wild horses are part of Nevada’s and the nation’s natural history, and should be preserved.

~ Lori Tucker, Truckee, via letter


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